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Bog - Eastern Massachusetts

Today Greg (East_to_West) and I took a trip to a bog here in Eastern Mass. Enjoy......

Bog shot.

Some sphagnum.

A male spotted turtle we found on the trail.

Some really cool looking mushrooms.

Sarracenia purpure purpurea - Some of the plants growing along the trail were green and etiolated from growing in deep shade.

Some purps growing in a sunnier habitat.

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I love this post, the pictures are fantastic. Thanks Johnny!
Nice! A bunch of these came out great! Shlepping around calf deep in swamp goo was a blast! Definitely an awesome find today! That red sphagnum looks like it's on fire :rookwoot:
We'll have to hit some other sites next time you're out this way. Too bad you didn't get more shots from the Maine bogs, those are some of the nicest purpurea I've seen !
Yeah I need to cruise back up there... I hope that one grows well for you! I plan on making a trip back up to Bangor at some point the next time I cruise back here to the right coast. I'll post some photos of the purps here in a bit.
Here are a few crappy iphone photos from today as well:

a purp and some cranberry

And a panorama of the tiny bog boardwalk:
Very cool! Some nice red sphagnum.
Wow Wow Wow! Holy Sphagnum!
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Was there any logic behind where the patches of red sphagnum vs the green was? More sun? Closer to water? etc? or just random?
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Not really, just randomly scattered amongst the patches of green and gold colored moss in the open sunnier areas.
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Love the spotted turtles!
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Cool photos! The purps in shade don't look quite etiolated, though certainly not as colorful as the ones in sun.... also, I noticed a couple of pics you posted of "rotunds" were actually D. x beleziana, and good color on them too!
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Found some more pics that didn't upload. Had to break up the post a bit. Enjoy !

Drosera rotundifolia again, plants along trail were etiolated and growing in deep shade.

Some plants were actually growing on the planks of the boardwalk.

D. X beleziana ?

Drosera intermedia

We found a couple of plants growing aquaticly, rooted into a layer of algae on the waters surface.

Utricularia macrohiza

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Awesome pics! I love seeing these guys in the wild!
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Yep, I think the really red ones are x beleziana. Too different to match either parent, but intermediate between the two. I also noticed a lot of variation in the rotunds, thought that was cool..... some really round, others more angular.....
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Yeah the rotundifolia varied greatly. It's cool how the ones in the shade grow flat to the ground and the ones in sun grow more upright. Also, the more robust sun-kissed ones had a sort of fur on the tendrils (if that's what you call the elongated pieces), that I thought was pretty cool. Good flicks Johnny!