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Boxy, the Box Turtle

warning, my photo's are LAME compared to everyone else's.

Hi, thought I'd share my barren terrarium in which resides my Boxy.

He won't eat fruit or veggies, only insects- any tips? I've had to force feed him in the past. Since he woke up last week he's only been eating meal worms and gold fish.



Is that a ping or just a random succulent?
I used to keep them in an open top cage outdoors when I was younger. We would feed ours cat food and table scraps. They were our compost pile. I think they're absolute favorite fruit were melons, especially cantaloupe. Ours would eat just about anything, though, even unboiled crawfish!
The ones that live around my house relish earthworms. I've heard strawberries are a favorite, too.
What is the history of this turtle?? Looks like a young Eastern (Terrapene carolina carolina)?? I have one raised from egg that is now a 10-year-old adult male, currently hibernating. Keep trying different foods......though they are more carnivorous when young and will generally like more plant material as they get older. earthworms, slugs, sow bugs, centipedes, crickets all good. Try strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, chopped kale etc. . You can try miing some small or chpped earthworms with some chopped veggies. Some cooked egg (unsalted!) sometimes getw their attention too..........and it can be mixed with some chopped veggies. These little guys are becoming increasingly rare and can live a long time. Take good care of that guy....looks like you have a nice set-up and start.
I don't have any advice for you, as I've had no experience with turtles. I just wanted to say that he's a cute little guy. :eek: