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  • Chris, Finally saw your message. It doesn't matter to me what your stuff looks like. While I don't have a really white leuco, I have a het leuco and schnell's ghost leuco. i also have a specific locality red and white leuco from Gulf Breeze, FL and I do have a alate black tube and purple tube as well as pubescens. If you have nothing to trade no problem, let me know and I'll bring them up anyway and we can work it out later. If you want the red Alabamensis let me know. Talk to you later. tony.
    Sorry, I have been meaning to get back......busy with work and have not been on here much. I will think about your offer. However, my collection is probably meager by comparison. In additon, my plants were hit hard this summer.....we have had the hottest and dryest summer on record here in the NE......and while that in itself is not a problem for the Sarrs, I have resorted to watering them with tap water several times throughout the summer. They are suffering a bit now, and I will need to check on them and evaluate them well in the Spring.
    I don't have any spare mature purps right now. As I go through my plants, I will get a better idea of what I may have to trade and will let you know before that time. I may actually be interested in some nice, whiter leucos, and possibly an alata "black/red". I will be in touch as your trip gets closer or don't hesitate to give me a "heads up" as the time gets close!
    I don't know if you received my last message to you as i haven't heard back from you, but I wanted to get in touch with you. I will be taking a trip to NC come April and wanted to come up to your neck of the woods and meet you and see your collection. I also would be interested in trading with you so if interested, let me know your wish list and I'll see if i have it or can get it for you. My collection is pretty extensive (I sent you the red purp in trade for the luteloa's ). Since you like red, I have a nice red Alabamensis you might like, so let me know. Thanks and I hope you respond. Tony
    Wanted to write to you. I'll be coming up your way in April via North Carolina. I know you live in New Jersey and wanted to ask if their was anything I could bring you plant wise that you'd be interested in trading. I could always use more S. Purpurea Purpurea, especially flowering size. If you send me a wish list, I'll see what I have or can get. I deal in Sarr's, native SE drosera and Pings only. Let me know. Tony
    Don't know if you got my last message so I'll send it again. I have a nice adult red Purp Venosa Burkeii I'll trade for a Luteola. As an added benefit, there is a D. Capillaris as well as two D. F. Filiformis Florida Red growing in the pot as well. In order to send it I need your address so send it to me asap. Thanks. Tony
    Yup!! Same seed, same harvest. They are growing well under my conditions!! Hope to get these guys spread around. They are growing under regular CW fluorescent bulbs, kept in the low 70sF
    Is that rosea f. luteola in the NASC Auction the same from the seeds you sent me? Because that means that mine are behind by a long shot!

    I used to only have one sprout, but checking the pot today after you posted the topic, I found three more with their first leaves! :-D
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