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Reptile supplies three Turtle Vitashell, Fluker's Crickets, Wardley Reptile P. Sticks


At a yard sale awhile back I bought an aquarium lid and a box o' stuff to get some fish food for my gambusia. The lid turned out to be broken, so that went into the garbage, and the other items I have been using since then. Some of this I either cannot use, or I have to grind up in some fashion, which I don't wish to keep doing, so I thought I would pass it on to one of you should you want it/them. My thought is for postage, and one item to each person who responds, first come first served. All are full to nearly full.

First is Tetrafauna Turtle VitaShell. 2 oz. container for dry, cracked, broken shells and skin. Smells like saddle soap.



This is full to within a half inch of the top of the container.

Next is the Wardley Premium Reptile Sticks, 4.75oz. Full almost to the top.

Then there is Fluker's freeze-dried crickets. 1.6 oz. This one has an unbroken seal.

Bear in mind that when I acquired these, they were out in the sun in summer heat, for at least part of the day at the place where I bought them. And I cannot say anything about where/how they were kept prior to that time. That being said, I have fed some of the crickets and reptile sticks from other containers to my fish with no ill effects. Just not too fond of crushing them up with my fingers and fingernails. And from what I can see, none is obviously damaged or moldy/mildewey or anything like that. If interested, post here, with the item you want, and email me (gnixon@satx.rr.com) with your mailing address and TF nickname and the item you want. After four days, if anything is still unspoken for, they can go to whoever asked for them first. Perhaps we should modify the terms and say if you want more than one item say so and list in order of preference. Same as before, one per person, unless fewer than three respond. If only one, then he/she can have all three.