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My first giveaway: N. Sibuyanensis

That's right! This is my first giveaway and the lucky winner will receive a Nepenthes sibuyanensis, roughly 2-3" in size, healthy and forming a lovely pitcher! All you have to do is guess my favorite number. The hint is that it is a prime number and does not exceed 97. The first correct answer will receive the plant.
USA only.
Thanks community and have fun!
I won't be entering, but thanks for the generous giveaway and good luck to everyone!
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Congrats to ps3isawesome. You are the lucky winner!
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5? For someone as OCD as you, I assumed it was 3.
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there's nothing more OCD than 5 for me. I only set timers and Air conditioning in increments on 5. which is why i picked it.
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Good point. I can't relate.
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I've quit OCD.