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Hi All!

Photography is a favored hobby of mine in addition to growing carnivorous plants.. So I couldn't resist starting my own photo thread. Enjoy!

To start things off, I was obsessed with this species as a teenager and I still count it as one of my absolute favorites: N. glabrata

N. x 'Miranda' .. saw it at a local nursery and couldn't resist.

N. ampullaria x sibuyanensis

N. spectabilis

N. maxima 'wavy leaf'

N. muluensis x lowii

N. ventricosa 'extremely squat x red' .. another favorite from my youth. I think this is a very beautiful and under-appreciated species.

N. jamban

N. robcantleyi 'King of Hearts x Queen of Spades'

N. glandulifera

:drool: very very very nice! I love that maxima wavy leaf. Does the peristome stay striped like in your picture or does it color up to another color? I also really like that amp x sibuyanensis how big do those pitchers get?
Thank you mcmcnair! The maxima peristomes stay that color. The amp x sibuyanensis pitchers have been averaging about the size of a 12 oz. soda can but have been slowly increasing in size. The last few leaves have been a fair size larger than previous ones so I'm really looking forward to see if the pitchers continue to grow larger as well!
Very nice Matt! Love the nepenthes jamban
Sweet pics - thanks for sharing!

Interesting N. glabrata - your's has fringes on the pitcher wings - while some have smooth wings. I wonder if that's a stable trait? Where did it originate (AW, BE, SG)?
Wonderful plants! Love the glandulifera.
Thanks Ron! The glabrata is a BE clone. I have two of these plants from BE and it seems that they aren't exactly the same clone but they both show the fringed wings so maybe they are.
a very nice collection, Matt! everything seems to be particularly well grown, and nice glandulifera---dont see many of those around. thanks for sharing with us!
Nice glandulifera! I'm surprised you have the actual species and not a hybrid.
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That wavy leaf maxima is beaufiful. The spectabilis is amazing too. What locale is is it ? Very interesting structure.
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Thank you all for the compliments! The spectabilis is a BE clone called 'giant'.

Here's a second spectabilis I grow which I believe to be seed grown.

The maxima is one of my favorite plants. Its pretty and grows like a weed. I'll be propagating it soon via cuttings so when they are well rooted and healthy I will put some up here for trade. Here's an upper pitcher from the plant:

and another shot of a maxima lower:

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The uppers on the maxima are nice! How tall are the pitchers?
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They're pretty dainty. The maxima lowers average about 5 inches tall while the uppers are about 3 inches.
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That's tiny! What about the leaf span? I have a Lake Poso form that's making lowers of the same proportions, but it's nearly a foot wide.
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That is absolutely the nicest maxima upper I've seen. Don't usually see so much color in maxima uppers.
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That is absolutely the nicest maxima upper I've seen. Don't usually see so much color in maxima uppers.

I agree, they are very colorful! Mine goes from big dark lowers to boring green uppers... :-(
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If it doesn't get too wide I may sign up for cuttings of that one.
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I'd say its about 15 inches wide at the base, the climbing stems have slightly smaller leaves, maybe a foot wide. You can see the whole plant in the post about my grow chamber here.

It's quite the climber though. The three stems that are pushing against the top grew those 4 feet since September 2012.
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Hi All!

Here are a few updates I snapped today.

N. glabrata

N. alata

N. tenuis, this little guy is a wistuba clone I got last summer. It's still pretty small.

N. fallax, another young wistuba clone, this is the first sizable pitcher it's produced.

N. lowii x talangensis

N. robcantleyi

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Great stuff! The coloration on your plants is so pronounced, it's incredible.