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Leaves, leaves and more leaves!!! Cephalotus Leaf Pull Giveaway Part II

I'm starting my semi-annual look over all my plants and seeing what needs what and this silly plant is doing it again.....

I saw some photo's from the last leaf pulls and some are having success so here goes round II.

So free to good home 2-3 leaf pulls from whichever Ceph I feel like pulling from with the following rules.

1. Winners will pay postage of $6 via Paypal with correct shipping address in Paypal.
2. Do not post if you already have a Ceph, I'm looking to give people a chance to grow them, not to expand collections :-D.
3. Do not post if you joined TF after I posted this thread.
4. Continential US only.

So if you meet these conditions post a random photo you took and my 13 year old son will pick the 5 winners on Thursday.

Remember these are LEAF PULLs not plants.

Cephalotus 'Emu Point Giant' by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Would love to get a ceph into my collection. Thanks for the chance.

my random picture is my two sons hanging out in a megalodon jaw with half painted faces!

hmmmm. cant hurt to try. image of my friend with my spider on her face

Hmm a cool random pic that i've taken.. how about this?

I would love the opportunity! Thanks!
Here is my most random photo, a still from a video I was taking from the nose of my Radian. I had NO idea that there was a close call until I reviewed the video and saw a red streak.

I have no Cephalotus.
Cool, random photo coming up!

Thats a killer photo of the peregrine Brie!! Heres my submission. I GoPro'd this a while back. I have a bunch more photos I like more, but a 13 year old me probably would have appreciated this the most:

*Edit* OOps I meant to post a much larger and higher quality version of this, I'l try and find it.
Already have a ceph, so I am not entering -- but thanks for sharing the wealth
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Thanks for the opportunity!
Here's a picture of a cross section of a pineapple leaf that I took under polarized light showing vascular bundles and calcium oxalate crystals.
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/hobbitfeetman/10029603444/" title="Sclereids0011_Dean by Hobbitfeetman, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3815/10029603444_331dae8177.jpg" width="480" height="480" alt="Sclereids0011_Dean"></a>
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OMG!!! Thanks for this opportunity! I always wanted to try to grow a ceph:)

random fish pic...(sorry for low quality...)

Awesome pictures everyone!!!
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All thirteen year olds love go-gos, right? The wheeled kind, that is... not the dancers. This is digressing quickly...

Here is my Honda.

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And this giveaway is closed!

The winners are.......

1. Goods
2. Lil Stinkpot
3. Brie
4. Newspaperfort
5. JMN16150

I'll will be senting a PM to the winners tonight with the Paypal e-mail.
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Payment sent yesterday! Thanks for this awesome giveaway:)
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If I have received your postage they are on there way!

I should have done a much better job labeling them this go!
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Got mine yesterday, thanks so much!! Time to try my hand at cephs again...
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I got my leaves a couple days ago, thanks! I gotta say this: The leaves chosen are VERY cool. I can't wait to get them sprouting. Thanks a zillion!