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Leaves, leaves and more leaves!!! Cephalotus Leaf Pull Giveaway Part II

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Got my leaves today! Thanks Randall!
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leaves arrived in great condition. thanks!
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Sorry I missed out!
I've never had a ceph!
A generous give away though!
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Just figured i'd give an update on mine... The only one that didnt do anything for me was the typical.. phew. But the rest I got 100% on. I clipped a tiny bit off each pulling to get a fresh cut, dipped them in rooting hormone and stuck em in damp sphag. Then went into a covered tray with just enough water to keep the sphag wet and ignored them. Seemed to do the trick. I think its almost time to put the two furthest along in adult pots and media..

Czech Giant living up to its name..

Emu Point

Big Boy, just really starting to do something. Was worried this one wasnt going to do anything since the parent leaf died off so quickly..
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Loving the way they have taken Brie!! Even with the adult leaf gone seems to have done well
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Glad to see some of them have rooted. The typical I have is well just that, very typical of what you think a Ceph is so you didn't miss out on anything.

I've had leaves completely die off and was about to throw out the pot when I saw a tiny bit of green. Now I just replant a new leaf in the same pot since I've had enough of those "dead" leaves grow in later. That and it helps with the Ceph army I'm building...