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As many of you know I am working on getting a CP group going in texas and I would like to start growing more texas native carnivorous plants species to be able to share seeds and plants at our meetings this spring and summer.

I currently do not have any texas native species and was wondering if anyone here might have some that they would be willing to trade. My trading stock is very low as many of my plants are not big enough for cuttings. :blush:

If you have any of the following plants that you might be willing to trade please send me an email or PM and we can talk more.

Sarracenia alata
Drosera capillaris
Drosera brevifolia
Drosera Intermedia
Utricularia subulata
Utricularia gibba
Utricularia cornuta
Utricularia purpurea
Pinguicula pumila
You need to come visit Meadowview. We have an entire collection of Texas S. alata. I wasn't a big fan of them last spring, but that changed quickly once I saw what they did in October. We have one from Jasper Co. that's absolutely massive, and some others that are really red.

I can definitely help you out with U. gibba, D. intermedia, and possibly U. subulata. For everything else, check here;
Thanks I would love to visit Meadowview. It would be a vacation and a real treat for me. I am slowly getting some outdoor tubs to put clumps of our native Utricularia to grow and use for cuttings.
I'd add some Gambusia for mosquito control in the tubs. They're voracious little things. You can always order plants from us and send an email specifying a Texas alata. To give you an idea of what some of them look like;
You just might be hearing from me soon.
Hi Wire Man - When I spoke to Phil a couple of months ago I was under the impression that Meadowview would not be releasing location specific Sarracenia, but thought I remember hearing perhaps in the near future.

Has that changed? I know I am to the point where I usually lean towards location specific plants. Anyway, really nice pictures. Looks like you've had a lot of fun there.
We are going to be adding a few location specific plants in the future. Currently, we don't have enough to do so.