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Jan 5, 2005
New Jersey, USA
The reason I chose this system is because with the large reservoir the system can actually maintain significant cooling throughout the night. Also since the cooling system recirculates air from inside the tank and passes it through an ultrasonic humidifier after the heat exchanger, the air doesn't become dried out by the cooling system the way an air conditioner would drop the humidity.

Let me know if you have more questions!
Hi Matt,
Question about your heat exchanger: does the water removed from the moist air by the cold heat exchanger @ night just drain back through the lower ductwork tube into the bottom of your chamber & ultimately back into your reservoir tank?

Also, have you made any changes to your system since you published this?
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Jan 5, 2015
columbus, ga
just an idea, but i think getting a tall mini fridge would save you alot of money on the power bill. it would cost a bit at first to buy the copper coil, but you can stack TONS of coil in one of those fridges and get alot more cooling for the power

also really like the MH combo with the florescent. helps alot when you have the taller plants mixed with the shorter ones to make sure every1 is getting enough light, and the extra sunrise/sunset dimming effect