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Hi everyone,

I've just stated to read some of the different topics here, but it looks like there is a lot of experienced people I can learn from!

I started growing carnivorous plants (probably like a lot of people) when I found a Venus Fly Trap in the local garden/hardware store. Unfortunately over the years I've killed more than my share of them because I didn't realize how to care for them properly. After a while I decided to take some time off (i.e. give up ;) ) for a while. Recently I decided to give it another go, and now have a small collection that seem to be doing well (fingers crossed).

I started by purchasing the following plants online:
3 Venus Fly Traps (2 "regular?" & 1 larger "Dutch)
2 Sundews (Drosera intermedia?)
1 Northern Pitcher (S. purpurea)
1 S. Flava

My wife also found a Nepenthes alata (sp?) for sale at the local grocery store, so I added one of those to the collection.

Anyway, I still have a lot of reading to do, but I'm looking forward to learning from everyone and sharing what I can!

...it looks like there is a lot of experienced people I can learn from!...

You sure are right about that!

Anyhow, it sounds like you've gotten ideal plants to start your collection. It probably is likely that your "Nepenthes alata" is actually a Nepenthes x ventrata, but either way the plant should be easy to grow if you give it enough humidity.

The Revised Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato also was recently released, and if you get your hands on that, it will make your life SO much easier. Plus it's not just boring reading.

This thread by utricularia lists good and bad beginner's plants.

Check out these sites if you need anything more.

I hope that covers everything!
Thanks Plant Planter - I have already done some reading on the two websites you mention - actually www.growsundews.com is how I found this forum in the first place.
I will take a look at the thread you mention about beginners plants to see if there are others that I should work towards.

Thanks again.

Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty new but already love it here. The people are great and the plants are hungry. You have a pretty nice grocery store to find nepenthes. It's pushing it to find anything alive in the grocery stores around me.
Another member from the Constitution State! Welcome! I'm new to the forum, too, but it's already become my go-to place for information about carnivorous plants. You'll also find plenty of drool-inducing pictures to while away your idle hours. :grin: