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I just joined today. Have been growing carnivorous plants since I was little but seriously now for 4 years. I'm currently working on a TC project with Nepenthes, Dionaea, Drosera, and Cephalotus as part of some summer research that I'm doing at school. Finding as much information as is out there has helped a lot with this project, and I'll be posting some of my methods and results once they start coming in and letting people know what works and what doesn't. Currently I'm growing a Nepenthes Rafflesiana that is about a foot across from one side to the other, a Nepenthes ventricosa, and unknown Nepenthes, three tiny Cephalotus plants that have been growing from seed, two King Henry flytraps, around twenty or so drosera binata, about fifteen drosera "Florida Giant", fifteen drosera spatulata, one sarracenia flava X purpurea, and live sphagnum moss. Hope to learn a lot on these forums about growing these plants and provide any useful information that I can!
I used to live just north of Indy in Lebanon..
Welcome to the addiction.
Welcome to TerraForums! Based on all those plants you have, I've got a feeling that you certainly have some useful information to share! Don't worry, you'll learn stuff too. ;)
Welcome to TF!
Hello Eric and welcome ! :-D