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Here is a short listing of the ones I have for trade, I'm mainly looking for Utricularia's I don't have followed by Genliseas, Peperomias (vining types), VFT variations, miniature (under 4") Ferns, miniature (under 4") orchids, and anything under 4" that goes really well in vivariums with high humidity and medium light. If there is something you would like a picture of just ask and I'll post one up. Also if there is a Utricularia on my growlist your interested in, let me know I "may" have a small division already growing. They are not grown in yet but might be good enough, so I'm not listing them.

I'm also looking for some excess Utric sandersonii for a project I'm working on, it would be low priority since I can just wait and cut mine up.

And of course I'm always looking for different types of live sphagnum moss, not the typical ones. Small amounts are perfect.

Carnivorous Plants

Drosera admirablis
Utricularia graminifolia
Utricularia flaccida - it would be freshly divided before shipping


Dendrobium prenticei seedling
Cadetia taylori seedling
Aerangis citrata seedling
Bulbophyllum macranthum seedling
Laelia lundii seedling
Paph urbanianum seedling
Bulbophyllum alagense 'Large' and 'Small' forms


Pilularia globulifera - Pillwort

Aquatic Plants

Flame Moss
Hemianthus callitrichoides - Dwarf Baby Tears - HC
Fresh Bacopa cuttings


Peperomia rotundifolia var pilosior