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carnivorous plants in the arctic

i recently arrived back in the states after studying abroad for one semester above the arctic circle in bodø, norway. in late may, once the snow started melting and the plants started coming up, i was pleasantly surprised to see carnivorous plants popping up along with the other plants. most of these pictures were taken around mid june.

these pings were EVERYWHERE... on the side of the road, in rocks near the coast, and on hiking paths miles from anything, just to name a few places!

i also found the same pings with a white flower, but i'm not sure where that picture has gone...

some drosera and the bog that i found them in. these little guys were everywhere in the bog.

some other arctic flowers:

yellow lady slipper's orchid (Cypripedium calceolus)

some other interesting pictures:

saltstraumen, the world's strongest tidal current

Flåm, in southern norway

aurora borealis

mountains across from bodo

Whoa! What a truly amazing adventure you had! And those pictures are remarkable =)
From the flower, that's definitely P. vulgaris. Very nice!
OMG. How did I not see it, that's a fly orchid!

I believe it's Ophrys insectifera, judging from a Google search.
Wow, really nice! I hope to one day make it above the arctic circle because everything seems so peaceful up there. Maybe Alaska...
wow... carnivorous plants have concoured the world. :-D
Thanks for sharing!