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attention fellow new yorkers and interested participants.

I've been looking into starting a ny carnivorous plant society. Our society will work hand and hand with other cps societies like the new england carnivorous plant society, North American Sarracenia Conservancy and the infamous international carnivorous plant society to help protect and conserve carnivorous plants around the world not just locally. We will also help spread the knowledge of these spectacular plants to the general public in not only how to care for carnivorous plants but on how vital the protection of their habitat is, not only to carnivorous plants themselves but the thousands of other rare and unique creature that call a bog home.

If you are interested in any way shape or form please feel free to send me a pm or post directly onto this post.

Thanks alot for taking the time to read about my future endevours but also taking the time to possibly consider to help spread the word of protection and care of these uniquely fragile plants.
Kudos for your incentive - there are many within this region who would support the creation of a CP society / club. The last effort we had only produced one meeting (which was interesting btw!).
i remeber reading this article during my research. I feel the one large problem will be is that finding a place that is a somewhat centralized area in new york where everyone can meet. I know that most of the cp growers in ny are closer to nj and nyc but us upstaters are pretty much scattered all over the place. Right now its more of an idea on paper which is unfortunate because i feel its something that is definately need for up here in NYS cause the any money that is fundraised by us will go towards the wetlands and bog protection which also helps to benefit hunters and fisherman. Im just curious to see how many nyers and possibly PAers and NJers that would be willing to ever participate. and who knows since NY is closer to Canada then we might get a Canadain growers as well.
I'd be interested, let me know whatever I can do to help! I may not be in New York permanently, but I'm here for at least another year, if not longer. No telling, but with the deployment coming up, I'm guaranteed to stay for the year.
Okay will do going to try and see if we can gather up a couple more people and maybe in the next coupld of months we can get a meeting going for those who are interested and wanna help get it off the ground
I would be interested in participating. Maybe we could meet up in one of the botanical gardens in NYC? I can ask around at BBG about it.
yeh that would be cool i wouldnt mmind going to nyc never been but thata haul for a monthly meeting for me atleast.
Same thing here, that's about a 5 hour drive one way, sometimes more, my friend from Long Island drove about 8 hours to come up and visit me. Though I haven't been to NYC before, so I wouldn't mind going a couple of times.
Maybe we could mix it up some and change the locations so that everyone has a chance to go to the closer ones to them as well, I know I can't make a 10 hour round trip drive every month, especially considering that gas is $4 a gallon here (ok, and I drive a V8 that gets 14 MPG...that doesn't help). Could also carpool some, I have a 7 seater truck and wouldn't mind.
Or, depending on how many people we have in CNY and western NY, have 2 separate groups that do an annual meeting - that is, if there is enough to cover 2 full groups - NYC/NJ could be combined and could combine western NY/CNY with Ontario Canada.
Just a thought.
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Why does the ICPS get branded "infamous"? just curious..
never heard anything bad about them..

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monthly could be a little much. Maybe every other month? Since the BBG is so close to my house I could give you guys a little tour of my growroom (presuming that it will be setup by the time we organize a meeting):lol:. Also we could go out for dinner after because I know some good local restaurants.
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Heres a thought.... there is a yearly festival known as Ghouls and Gourds in October. There is usually a booth there for carnivorous plants (quogue worked the booth last year), perhaps we could help out and make a much bigger booth and show off our own plants to the public. That would help spread awareness and would be a good start for the society because we can increase public interest and maybe even get more members.
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I might be able to do that, is it kid friendly? If so, they might enjoy that as well.
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I might be able to do that, is it kid friendly? If so, they might enjoy that as well.

Its pretty much aimed towards children :)
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Oh good, I'm not concerned with it being too scary, just didn't want something too "adult" themed to keep my bozos interested.
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Oh and it's cheap, none of my kids are over 12, lol. I'll see what I can budget for, it's a lot of gas and a long drive, but maybe I'll get my friend from LI to come see us at the same time and make a weekend of it. :)
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Sounds good. We just need to plan out everything else. I need to find out if we can run the booth during the show and we need to see if everyone would be able to make it at that date. BBG also has classrooms so we can organize our society in a quite room without all the loud children :lol:.
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Wow, I didn't find this on facebook when I was digging either. Thanks Jim. Looks like all their meetings are in Buffalo, that's a bit of a hike for me to do that often :( but I might have to check it out sometime since I haven't seen Niagara Falls yet.
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I apologize for necro-threading, but did this progress any further? Is there an active CP group?