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I have tons of 2 1/2" pots to trade for any plants i dont have! Im primarily looking for Utrics I dont have, also mexican pings and drosera. I know everyone can use these!  

My grow list (pm me for updates):
Cephalotus follicularis
1. D. aliciae {seed}
2. D. anglica {seed}
3. D. burmannii “Beerwah” {seed}
4. D. capensis albino {seed}
5. D. capensis narrow {seed}
6. D. capensis red {seed}
7. D. capensis wide {seed}
8. D. capillaris “Giant” {seed}
9. D. dielsiana {seed}
10. D. Filiformis var tracey {seed}
11. D. hartmeyerorum
12. D. hartmeyerorum {seed}
13. D. intermedia "Cuba" {seed}
14. D. intermedia "North Carolina" {seed}
15. D. madagasearensis "Bostwana"
16. D. rotundifolia {seed}
17. D. sessifolia -Chapada dos Guimaraes {seed}
18. D. Spat AWC-1 {seed}
19. D. sp. Zimbabweh {seed}
1. G. hispidula
2. G. violacae x lobata
1. N. fusca “flaired”
2. N. maxima borone
3. N. maxima tlatawiran
4. N. spathulata x spectabilis
1. P. cyclosecta
2. P. caerulea
3. P. 'enigma'
4. P. esseriana large form
5. P. ehlersiae
6. P. jamauvensis
7. P. moranensis
8. P. moranensis huahuapan
Utricularia -
1. U. alpina
2. U. arenaria
3. U. bisquamata Betty’s Bay
4. U. bisquamata large flower
5. U. blanchetii white
6. U. calcifida ‘Yog-sothoth’
7. U. dichotoma
8. U. dichotoma (originally labeled U. monanthos)
9. U. flaccida
10. U. fulva
11. U. heterosepala
12. U. lateriflora
13. U. livida bettys beach
14. U. livida (Durban, SA)
15. U. livida (Merriwuk, Natal SA)
16. U. livida “Purple Eye”
17. U. longifolia
18. U. longifolia v. forgetiana
19. U. microcalyx
20. U. nephrophylla white
21. U. novae-zelandiae
22. U. panthenopipes
23. U. pauliniae?
24. U. praelonga
25. U. prehensalis
26. U. pubescens (Serra Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
27. U. pusilla
28. U. reniformis large form
29. U. reniformis small
30. U. sandersonii
31. U. sandersonii (blue flower)
32. U. scandens
33. U. simulans
34. U. subulata Diamantina Brazil
35. U. tricolor
36. U. tridentata
37. U. uliginosa
38. U. uniflora
39. U. warburgii
40. U. welwitschii
Yes you do need these! They are great:) Oh,and thanks Bryant:)
I'd like a few but I have nothing to trade at the moment, if you wait till spring I will be taking some P. agnata leaf cuttings.... IF you wanna wait. Ive also got some S. purpurea venosa seed(I have it right now).