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  1. Lil Stinkpot

    N. veitchii for trade

    I have a N. veitchii with two crowns from the Hose Mountains that I am willing to separate and trade one out. To clarify, both plants, though currently attached, are suitably rooted. I am looking specifically for just these two Sarracenias: Anthocyanin-free (all green) S. x wrigleyana...
  2. Sundrew

    Sundrew's Grow/Want Lists

    GROW LIST Drosera aliciae Drosera adelae Drosera binata ‘T-Form’ Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema Drosera brevifolia Drosera burmannii (Coffee) Drosera burmannii 'Giant Red' Drosera burmannii 'Humpty-Doo' Drosera burmannii 'Typical' Drosera capensis ‘Narrow Leaf’ Drosera capensis ‘Red’...
  3. land_pro

    land_pro's growlist

    Sarrs Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle Alata- 3 Alata x Leucophylla ‘Birds Beak’ dixie lace Flava – 2 Flava var Ornata Flava var Rubricorpora - 5 Gilipini 'big red' Judith hindle Leucophylla Leucophylla hybrid - 7 Leucophylla 'Tarnook' Leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Minor...
  4. J

    For trade: lowland nepenthes hybrids

    Hello everyone, I have some hybrid Neps. Lowlanders for trade, I'm looking for n. species lowlanders. The plants I'm offering are good size not small I'm looking for nice size plants to trade. Please let me know if interested and I can email pictures of what I have for trade. Here's a few...
  5. ellisonk001

    Several Nepenthes for Trade

    I have been trying to put together a comprehensive trade list for some time, but keep running out of time. I finally gave up and decided to do it as I can. So the following is the first of what is a hopefully a series of updates over the next week or two. If you see anything that you find...
  6. SgtSarracenia

    Growlist SO Far......

    This is what I have so far. Just because I have it, does not mean I would not be interested in more. So if you have something available that is on my list don't count me out. UPDATED 3/22/15 Drosera ‘Snyderi’ adelae admirabilis ‘Ceres’ admirabilis 'Floating' aff. Petiolaris ‘Pin...
  7. J

    VFT's flooded!

    TF, I just wanted to share a pic of my VFT's covered completely with water. This happens out in nature so I figure I should do the same taking into account they are growing in a big container having closet 2ft of soil below. The chances of my plants rotting are very unlikely. I also met with...
  8. droseraboy

    Droseraboy's growing list

    Dionaeas: D.M Crested Petioles D.M Cup Trap D.M Dente D.M Dutch D.M Pink Venus D.M Typical D.binata var. multifida f. extrema (Stradbroke Island) D.capensis D.capensis alba D.carbarup D.filiformis Nepenthes: N. Ventrata Sarracenias: S. x Bronze Serpant S. Flava x Willisii S. x...
  9. cody

    Sarracenia x Wrigleyana (Ozzy $10)

    up for bid is a single division of S. x Wrigleyana growing in a three inch pot. I'll edit a picture in later. US bidders only please. bidder pays shipping which should be around 5.00. will start the bidding at 4.00
  10. jlechtm

    jlechtm grow/trade list (partial)

    Sarracenia and Heliamphora listed only (at this point). A little messy, but plant info follows the header in order. Available (marked "A") plants are listed first in each section. ID is my collection ID. The Sarracenia cultivars have pics. Sarracenia Species ID Species...
  11. cody

    have: a few more sarrs

    i have a couple different xcat divisions, a small flava coppertop, a couple wrigleyana and maybe a venosa. please check my grow list, will entertain offers.
  12. cody

    Cody's Growlist

    HAVE Sarracenia Species Alabamensis Alata Stone Co, Ms Clone A Alata Gulfport, Ms Alata ‘Nigra Purpurea’ Flava Mclaughlin, SC Flava Copper Top Flava Cuprea Pender Co, NC Flava Maxima Berkely Co, NC Flava var. Atropurpurea Flava var. Rubricorpa ‘C’ (darkest clone x red clone) Flava var...
  13. Physalaemus

    Sarracenia divisions for trade

    Hi all, I had to divide my Sarracenia a little earlier than I thought (flower buds coming up already!) I have a few divisions of Sarracenia 'wrigleyana' x psittacina available for trade. I'd prefer other Sarracenia divisions of plants I don't already have. No sundews please. Here's a picture...
  14. thez_yo

    N. campanulata appreciation thread!

    When I grow up, I'm going to marry Nepenthes campanulata. Just ask Exo :lol: In any case, my conditions are too chilly for just straight-up N. campanulata so I grow its hybrids and omg :drool: they're pretty too! Here's some pics (not all recent - but definitely pretty)! N. "Caladium" =...
  15. James H

    James H Grow/Wish List

    Grow List: Drosera capensis Nepenthes mirabilis x Tiger Nepenthes ventrata Nepenthes 'Fyodor' N.gymnamphora x dubia Nepenthes 'Griffin' N.(thorelii x (northiana x maxima)) x (spectabilis x veitchii) Nepenthes 'Immaculate' N.ventricosa x (thorelii x Trusmadiensis) Nepenthes 'Nephthys' Wrigleyana...
  16. S

    snapperhead's grow list incomplete !

    a few plants i have got over the years alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x truncata alata-giant x veitchii H/L albo-marginata -green x (rokko x veitchii...
  17. S

    Snapperhead's grow list imcomplete still Sorry

    by snapperhead51 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:41 am Grow list update 11 Aug 2011 still incomplete heaps to still put on ?? alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x...
  18. ellisonk001

    ellisonk001's (Keith's) Growlist

    NEPENTHES: adrianii alata alata (Q) x truncata alata boschiana mimic alata Pink alata variegata alata x khashiana alata x truncata alba albomarginata albomarginata albomarginata - Penang Red albomarginata - Red albomarginata Green albomarginata Red Gunung Jerai albomarginata Red Speckled...
  19. S

    Late August Sarr pics

    oreophila x purpurea 'Imhotep' (leucophylla x (leucophylla x flava)) x open-pollinated flower is from a different plant unknown hybrid, minor x probably alata from a Lois Ochs Ebay Grab-bag last year from same grab-bag, probably the same plant 'Ladies in Waiting' x open-pollinated...
  20. Nepfreak

    Going to College - all neps must go!

    So, I'm heading off to college in a few weeks and I've got to do something about the plants! There's no way I'm fitting them all in my dorm so I'm only keeping two neps (my first one, and a small truncata). The rest are up for postage! The catch is that most of them are pretty sick looking...