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I have been trying to put together a comprehensive trade list for some time, but keep running out of time. I finally gave up and decided to do it as I can. So the following is the first of what is a hopefully a series of updates over the next week or two. If you see anything that you find interesting please PM or email (ellisonk001 at Hawaii.rr.com). I prefer emails… I am currently focused on nepenthes, cacti, succulents, and bromeliads; but any offer will be considered. I am very flexible so please don’t hesitate to make a trade offer if you see something you like
Here is what I was able to put together today:

N x wrigleyana [mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)] – GONE

N x ventrata – 1 rooted cuttings GONE

N kampotiana (possibly a hybrid based off of comments on pictures), female – GONE

N mirabilis xx kuchingensis GONE

N x margaretea GONE

N mirabilis x Viking, seed grown plant GONE

N x lilli [(kampotiana x ventricosa) x khasiana x (ventricosa x alata)] GONE

N x effulgent koto (mirabilis x thorelii) GONE

N mirabilis x alata GONE

N x sheridaniana GONE

N x outramiana xx splendiana GONE

N St Galla [maxima x (fusca x veitchii)], rooted cutting GONE
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I actually got most of the rest of my trade list sorted out today. The follow just about round out the list.

N thorelii x aristolochioides, rooted cutting GONE

N ventricosa x fusca, rooted cuttings GONE

N x splendiana xx mixta, rooted basal cutting GONE

N maxima x boschiana, rooted basal cutting GONE

N (x rokko x Dyeriana) x ventricosa red, rooted basal cutting GONE

N muluensis x lowii, seed grown GONE

N maxima "Lake Poso", seed grown 2 GONE

N Cathy Jo (mirabilis x (northiana x maxima)) x (kampotiana) x mirabilis) GONE

N hirsuta GONE

N truncata x ventricosa, rooted basal cutting GONE

N ventricosa "Black Lip" female rooted basal cutting GONE
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Would you consider flat out selling, or must it be trade?

EDIT: Was just enlightened that we can't sell plants on here. I don't have anything that I can trade yet, so good luck with the trade!
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A couple gone, but a lot more to go.....

Please, make me an offer; I am sure we can work something out......

A lot of nice neps still need new homes.... They are calling out to you...... They want to travel....

I'm sure we can work something out....
Thanks for the great trades! However, there are still several nice plants up for grabs.... Please make me an offer.....
Updated - still several nice plants that want to come live in your greenhouse.... No reasonable offer will be refused.
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Thanks to all those that helped me move these guys along to new homes. I hope they do well for you!