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  1. joossa

    Mid-Summer Pitchers

    Hey everyone. Hope all of you are having a great growing season! I took some shots of my Sarrs recently and want to share some of them. Enjoy! S. purpurea subsp. venosa: S. purpurea ssp. purpurea [Muskoka, Ontario]: Seedlings are doing great in full sun and blazing heat: S. x...
  2. Physalaemus

    Physalaemus' Grow list

    Nepenthes sanguinea ventricosa lowii ramispina talangensis glabrata macfarlanei spectabilis x aristolochoides maxima x glandulifera densiflora x truncata truncata x veitchii 'Batu Buli' x 'ventrata' x 'March Hare' Utricularia longifolia gibba bisquamata calcyfida livida sandersonii...
  3. nya

    stuff i'm trying to keep alive

    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"]Grow ListNepenthes: N. ampullaria x sibuyanensis N. ampullaria x talangensis N. x hookeriana N. viking x ampullaria Sarracenia: S. alata S. leucophylla - anthocyanin-free S. purpurea [?] S. purpurea [chibae's lightly-veined form] S. purpurea ssp. purpurea f...
  4. joossa

    Spring Sarr Pictures

    Hey everyone, I haven’t shared pictures of my Sarrs in a while, so here goes. =D This one was given to me as S. flava var. ornata, but I’m beginning to think it’s S. flava var. rugelii… Tub of S. oreophila “Alabama”: S. purpurea ssp. purpurea [Muskoka, Ontario]: S. flava var...
  5. J

    Jmejia1187's Grow List

    Here is what I grow. My collection is small so far, but it will grow over time. Flytraps Dionaea muscipula 'typical' Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' Pitcher Plants Sarracenia x Farnhamii Sarracenia x wrigleyana Sarracenia alata Sarracenia minor Sundews Drosera capensis Drosera spatulata Drosera...
  6. back2eight

    some sars I would like to replace

    I lost a few plants to root rot last year and this year that I haven't tried to replace yet. Here are ones I lost that I would like to replace. I'm also interested in collecting Alatas with location data. S. Alata, TX S. Amber Flies S. Areolata, Tibbie Bog, Washington Co. AL S. Areolata...
  7. back2eight

    Looking for Sarracenia, can trade sars, neps, sundew, ping

    I am looking for any sarracenia not on my list below. Those in red are ones I had but they died so I am looking to replace them, or anything else not listed. If you have something to trade me, PM and we will work something out. Thanks! S. Alata, Greene Co. Mississippi S. Alata BT 9501 S...
  8. ellisonk001

    Keith's Trade List

    Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know my plants are really enjoying the summer weather. I finally got around to compiling a trade list over the weekend and was wondering what others might have to trade. Please drop me a line (pm or email, ellisonk001@hawaii.rr.com (preferred)) if you...
  9. S

    mini bog pics

    Rather than focusing on individual pitchers, I took some group shots of the mini-bogs, or tubs actually, that I keep most of my Sarracenia in. These first two are from the same tub, I'll ID via the 2nd pic. The one in the middle is leucophylla x moorei - open-pollinated. The tall one to...
  10. ellisonk001

    Mid-Summer Pitchers

    Busy, busy, busy… I finally got a chance to take a few pictures to share. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy all the beautiful pictures that folks have shared recently. N ‘Maggie Jones’ (kampotiana x ventricosa) N copelandii Mt Pasian N ‘Mark Lang’ (mirabilis Australia xx...
  11. pappydew

    jpappy789's grow list

    Drosera: Sub/tropical D. adelae D. adelae 'Giant' D. admirabilis D. affinis D. aliciae D. 'Andromeda' (D. schizandra x prolifera) D. anglica "Alakai Swamp, HI" D. binata D. binata 'T-form' D. burmannii D. capensis "Alba" D. capensis 'Bainskloof' D. capensis 'Big Pink' D. capensis "Red form"...
  12. lizasaur

    Looking for a Purple VFT!

    As stated on my grow list, I'm one of those "collect the rainbow" types, over "collect every single last one of anything". And while I have a 95% chance of getting anything on my want list any time on my own, I haven't been able to locate a few special VFTs... "Purple Giant" or "Dark Red...
  13. billylh

    looking to swap

    well i got some Nepenthes that I want to get rid of and would like to swap them for some various Sarracenias not on my list. PM me if interested, they are decent size, nothing spectacular, ill get pictures if needed. US only please, it would be nice to do it all in one go to keep down on costs...
  14. back2eight

    Got Neps. Looking for Sars

    I have the following Nepenthes that I can trade. All are about 3-4 inches in diameter. Distillatoria Spectabilis x talangensis Bicalcarata orange Smilesii Reibwardtiana Hirsuta ventricosa x mira albomarginata green sibuyanensis diatas sibuyanensis x ventricosa Densiflora Ampullaria x...
  15. blokeman

    S. Wrigleyana vs. S. 'Scarlet Belle'

    Take two ;) So I was windowshopping at Flytrapshop.com and came across two sarrs, which are of the same lineage, but are classified differently as they have separate names for each. amphirion said seedjar said if anyone wants to chime in with the answer, by all means go right ahead :D
  16. back2eight

    My Sar Grow List and Question

    S. Luecophylla "Tarnok" S. Purpurea S. "Judith Hindle" S. Scarlette Belle S. Rubra S. x "Dana's Delight" S. 'Doodle Bug' S. 'Lady Bug' S. 'Love Bug' S. 'Red Bug' S. x catesbaei S. WRIGLEYANA S. DIXIE LACE S. MARDI GRAS S. Flava (yellow trumpet) S. Minor S. "Starry Night" S. Alata red throat x...
  17. labine

    labine's grow list

    Hi , My grow list is : D. Binata D. Binata Dichotoma Giant D. Binata Multifida Extrema D. filiformis D. capensis green, red form, Wide leaves,Alba D. paradoxa D. Adelae D. Intermedia D. Aliciae D. Rotundifolia D. Nidiformis D. Anglica D. Closterostigma(gemmae) D. Scorpioides Large form D...
  18. 8

    rubyjewby's grow list

    Carniv. Plant GROW LIST: (It just doesn't seem like I have this many!?):0o: I also have lots of live sphagnum moss! NEPENTHES: -alata* -diatas -maxima -ventrata* -sangala -spatulata -mikeii -obvata -ventricosa -sanguinea ‘green’* -sanguinea ‘red’ -fusca -gymnamphora -khasiana -platychila...
  19. Lil Stinkpot

    Katie's List:

    Aldrovanda vesiculosa A. vesiculosa green tropical * Darlingtonia D. californica coastal* D. californica mountain Dionaea D. muscipula 'Dentate' D. muscipula SECC Green Swamp form Drosera D. admirabilis D. binata* D. burmanii green D. burmanii...
  20. joossa

    Some Sarr pictures

    S. 'Judith Hindle': A young S. flava var. ornata: S. x wrigleyana: S. x "Black and Red": S. purpurea ssp. venosa: S. oreophila "Alabama". This one has been recently making pitchers with small lids and large mouths. It still throwing them up this late in the season!