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  1. mattb

    Mattb Growlist

    Please excuse my spelling: Matt's Growlist Byblis liniflora - ebay seed; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - ebay; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - Lois; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ebay 2012; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ICPS 2013; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica (seed...
  2. Nepenthesis

    Identify N. x Unidentified!

    This plant is a 24" or more vine. Just got it today. It's labeled "N. x Unidentified", so it needs to be ID'd. It only has two upper pitchers, no lowers... So it kinda sucks ID'ing it... Fully colored upper... Full vine... INFO: The stem is redish and greenish, but it may just be the...
  3. jonnyq

    Pinguicula unidentified (8abug4fun $14)

    You are bidding on this unidentified Pinguicula plant. (It actually has two growth "points" so it can be readily split into two plants.) U.S.A. bids only. Winner pays $6.00 for priority shipping
  4. bSaRsVs

    Unidentified Nepenthes

    I'm pretty new to nepenthes, but I fell in with this plant. I've assumed it was highland, but I really don't know. Thanks!
  5. P

    Unidentified cuphea?

    Several years ago, I purchased this plant, thought it had died, but it has come back. I have only seen it once, at this one nursery, and nowhere ever again. No one I ask about it has any idea. The flowers look like small orange cement mixers. Any ideas? No hits on any web search I have done.
  6. mato

    My lone, unidentified nepenthes..

    Hello everyone, Here it is, my only unidentified nep! Went to check on a tiny pitcher formation today and realized there was a larger pitcher growing sideways, which is perhaps large enough for this baby to finally be identified (even if only roughly for the time being). What do you think...
  7. richjam1986

    richjam1986's growlist

    Here's my growlist, as far as I can remember. The dates are purchase/order arrival dates (if I can remember) Everything with an asterisk before it (*) is up for possible trade, or may be in the relatively near future. Cephalotus: young mature plant with two growth points. Early spring 2011...
  8. Foxoftherose

    FoxOfTheRose's Grow List

    If you see anything you want, please message me, and I'll note you when I have divisions. Sarracenia Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa red Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle' Sarracenia 'Tarnok' Sarracenia rubra Sarracenia flava Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight' Drosera Drosera adelae Drosera multifida...
  9. K

    KDodds' Grow List

    VFTs: Typical (5) 'Blood Red' 'Yellow' 'Akai Ryu' 'Dente' Sundews: D. capensis (typical) (2) D. nidiformis D. spatulata (+ ½ dozen seedlings) D. filiformis filiformis D. filiformis tracyi D. dichotoma 'red' D. 'Marston Dragon' Pings: P. primuliflora (2) P. moctezuma P. medusina P...
  10. dionae

    Dionaes' Grow List

    Hello everyone. Heres my grow list. Nothing special really:). Cephalotus Follicularis 1 typical Hummers Giant Czech Giant Dionaea Muscipula-will trade any as they divide Typicals Crimson Sawtooth Dente Low Giant Fused Teeth Mega Traps Bristletooth Maroon Monster Several seedlings Drosera D...
  11. MH1

    MH1's growlist

    Drosera- Capensis Aliciae Slakii Madagascariensis Paleacea subsp. leioblastus Binata var. dichotoma Binata var. multifada Indica Filiformis 'California Sunset' Adelae Paradoxa Regia Spatulata (?) Sarracenia- Rubra Rubra wherryi - yellow flowered Flava Flava 'maxima'...
  12. Doomsday

    Looking for Dionaea Clones

    I am looking for the following Dionaea cultivars. If you have any for trade let me know. I am also looking for tissue samples from them, mainly fresh flower stalks about 3-5 inches in length and leaves. If you want to send me some tissue, I will try to tissue culture it and if it works I could...
  13. shinsuko

    unidentified ping

    hello iv got last week 2 Pinguicula and i don't really know their spices i thought to drop some pics on here, maybe you can help me to identify them. the first one: the second one:
  14. ellisonk001

    More November Neps

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I finally got a bit of time today to work on my plants and wanted to share a few photos with you. I hope you enjoy them. N Song of Melancholy N Black Dragon N thorelii x merrilliana N x predator Unidentified Possibly maxima hybrid… Any...
  15. duzu

    orchid ID please

    I have one unidentified orchid, Paphiopedilum. I bought it a year ago (haha it is still alive). I still dont know wha specie it is or what hybrid. I tried to pollinate a flower so I had to cut off its ''pouch''. I dont know if I made it right or wrong but i hopeI will get some seeds. It's...
  16. TheFury

    TheFury's Grow List

    Grow List: Cephalotus follicularis (Typical) Drosera: D. capensis "Alba" D. capensis "Red" D. capensis "Broad Leaf" D. intermedia D. multifada D. nidiformis D. prolifera D. spatulata "Fraser Island" D. schizandra Pygmy Drosera: D. callistos D. nitidula x pulchella D. scorpioides Pinguicula...
  17. E

    A hello from Colorado.

    Hello, I am new here. I was referred to this site by spdskr. Right now I only have the basic CPs that are easily gotten from Lowes and local garden centeres. I hope to get other types one day, or maybe even raise a CP from seedingly! I have a normal VFT, Drosera adele, Cape Sundew, Purple...
  18. pappydew

    Ping ID's needed

    All I know is that one is supposed to be P. 'Pirouette'. The other two were sold as unidentified Pings. I assumed that was the top right one because of the compact rosette but I'm not sure.
  19. swords

    Unidentified grassy leaved Orchidioides Utric.

    I have this "unidentified" Orchidioides section Utricularia which seems to be doing quite well in intermediate conditions. Here are some pics: And because someone will say it, here is a pic of my U. praelonga coming back after a change in location (along with some volunteer D. sp...
  20. Ant

    my bog

    Here are some pics of the the minibog I made last summer. It contains hitchhiking D. intermedia, 3 unidentified sarrs, and a S. purpurea spp. purpurea. All of the sarrs in it are from members of the forum and are the first sarrs that I have had survive more then 12 month. The full bog. The...