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  1. swords

    Mossy log growing Utrics

    I'm wondering which Utricularia can be mounted and grown on a mossy log that has water trickling over it's surface constantly in my tropical vivarium. It can be a cooler temp/alpine species as my vivarium gets rather cool in the winter (down to 65*). I really enjoy epiphytic plants but I do not...
  2. PlantAKiss

    Curving pitcher

    I just went out and took a look at the plants in my new microbog.  I noticed that one new pitcher is curved over (sort of like an upside-down "J" ).  It is an s. leucophylla.  I bought it somewhat late last summer.  It only had 2 pitchers on it.  This is its first new pitcher of the spring and...
  3. unknownclown

    Homicus Depoticus

    Hello there I bought an unknown hybrid at home depot a week about ago. I called the company that was marked on the container and asked them which ones they carried. The guy surprisingly told me that they carried n.alata, n.cosinia or cosenia Im not sure on the spelling for that one and a hybrid...
  4. PlantAKiss

    New forum!

    Hi to all! Since many people grow orchids as well as CPs, lithops, bamboo and staghorns, here is a place where you can discuss orchid growing too. :biggrin: Orchids are just one of the many plants I grow. I don't have an extensive collection (space and money limits), but I love what I do have...
  5. W

    New VFT owner

    Hello,  I'm a newcomer to the CP world and have 2 VFT's.  One is your common VFT and the other I havn't been able to identify.  It's like the dente with long leaves but has normal mouths.  Just a few questions, once the trap has consumed a bug should you remove it from the mouth once it opens...
  6. trashcan

    Sarracenia dormancy

    I bought several Sarracenia (minor, and other unidentified, no traps yet) plants last month that were in horrible conditions at a DIY self shop. They are all recovering, at varying degrees. They are still very small, and not a single one has a mature trap. Should I force them into dormancy soon...