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Hi to all!

Since many people grow orchids as well as CPs, lithops, bamboo and staghorns, here is a place where you can discuss orchid growing too. :biggrin:

Orchids are just one of the many plants I grow. I don't have an extensive collection (space and money limits), but I love what I do have. For anyone interested in trying orchids, many species aren't as tricky as people think they are. I have no special set-up for them and have many reliable bloomers. And once they bloom, the flowers can last for many weeks.

Dendrobiums are readily available and pretty easy to grow. An east window (or equivalent light) and good watering, a little fertilizer now and then, and you're good to go! Phalenopsis are pretty easy too.

I have a large dendrobium (in bloom!), several miniature dens, a Phalenopsis (in bloom!), four paphiopedilums (the "Lady Slipper" orchid...one just opened its bloom!), a brassavola nodosa, a brassia, a Colminara 'Wildcat' (in bloom!), an Encylcia (in spike) and one unidentified.

Any other orchid growers who'd like to share about their collections?

Hey Suzanne,
You already know my small collection(and I have now seen some of your awesome collection!), but this is for everyone.
a pretty deep pink Dendrobium that started it all
several pink, white, and purplish Phalaenopsis
a banana yellow Brassia
a yellow and a huge red Oncidium
a strange green Cymbidium
I don't think I missed anything, because I don't have much to miss, but I love them!
I may grow the "Lady Slippers". Once I can get ahold of them from A freind who has extras. Any info is appreciated on this native Orchid. By the way she has them planted right in her yard! As they are native to this area but she boght them not field colected them. I HAVE seen them growing in places but that was LONG ago. SO I have no idea how to care for them only that they are extemly hardy. Anything else is ppreciated. Pot size,soil,light. Fertilizers- hers recieve none as they are out side but I don't know. Thanks!
I own a nice magnolia white Cymbidium hybrid. The lower lip has nice scarlet mottles to it but they are biggining to 'blush' so I guess they will be dead in a week or so. The clump is huge. I was given it 4 years ago as a birthday present. it flowers every winter. I think i am going to have to tackle it this year and divide it up!
Hi guys

Most orchids grow REALLY well here and I have loads of different Dendrobs, a couple of nice Oncidium with a very long, yellow spike (called a Golden shower).

I also have a few Paphs which are my special favourites as the variagated leaves are almost as attractive as the flowers. One of the Paphs is from Irian Jaya and is HUGE.

Have a few Bulbophyllum, nothing special as far as the flowers go but the plants are quite interesting and prolific.

I probably have more Phalaenopsis than I have Dendrobs, they are most popular with guests as they flower almost continuously and are very showy.

Lastly, but definitely not least, I have maybe a dozen Catteleyas (probably spelt wrong).

I had some Cymbids and although they grow well here, and produce a lot of leaves, they won't produce a spike without a cold spell so I got rid of them.

Cheers, fatboy.
I have grown dozens of different orchid genera in the past. Currently I am growing Lycaste and Disa along with a small mix of others.
Disa are pretty neat and come in a wide range of colors. The flowers sparkle in sunlight. They are tricky and can die quickly and unexpectedly from rot. On the other hand they grow and multiply fast once you get the hang of it.
I enjoy Disa orchids too. Nice that they grow well together with Drosera.
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Tony, PingMan, you two must be free from hot, humid summers.
Disas dont preform well in the upper midwest. At least for me that is.

At this time Im only growing Paphiopedulum, but at one time I was growing 3000 sqft of cool growing orchid genera. I had so many genera I dont think i can remeber all of them, here goes:
I no particular order,
Miltonia, Oncidium, Odontoglossum, Epidendrum, Spiranthese, Lepanthese, Pleurothallis, Lycaste, Anguloa, Zygopetalum, Cymbidium, Maxillaria, Dracula, Masdevallia, Encyclia, Phragmipedium, not to mention numerous intergeneric hybrids and non orchid plants like Aristolochia gigantea not too mention a massive Tillandsia collection.
Wow!! I suprised myself! Didnt think id get even half of them, hehe.
Well anyway Im on to consume more knowlegde.