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  1. PsychoSarah

    Marston Dragon (probably) giveaway

    These are very very young plants, as in first 1 or 2 carnivorous leaves. They were an eBay purchase, so I can't guarantee 100% that they are drosera Marston Dragon, but this is a giveaway, not a trade, so... free plants. The winner gets 15-20 of these seedlings (I might lose count, I aim for...
  2. V

    Newbie Heli question : Did I miss something?

    Hello, this is my first post here. I have received these Heliamphora on 21st April 2014, as I made a terrarium for them on that night. They look so healthy when I received, with bunch of roots and pitchers. Which I soak them with Trichoderma for 2 hrs 30 mins before potting. Here, I will post...
  3. S

    Have an ant problem? Try dry ice in your terrarium

    I used some dry ice to get rid of pesky ants.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e60o-dNfHdk
  4. PsychoSarah

    Indoor controlled environment options

    So I have a couple of nepenthes, but is feel that I can't reasonably provide the temperature drops they want, being that it will start to get too warm at night for nature to provide it for them anymore (highlander hybrid and ventricosa). So I was hoping to perhaps get a very small, portable...
  5. C

    Building a terrarium and question about new plants.

    I'm putting plants in a 260 gallon long aquarium(best deal ever.), using cat litterboxes to have a sphagnum mat along the bottom, a shaded area for a D. adelae(I've heard they like indirect/dappled, but bright, light. If I'm wrong, please correct) and four nepenthes in it(maxima poso, miranda...
  6. Brolloks

    Hallo from Sunny South Africa

    Hi everyone, Recently started collection and growing CP's and stumbled onto this forum whilst doing research. Since I bought my Typical form D. Capensis at the nursery a few months back I've been hooked! I have even built my own medium sized terrarium that I use to propagate Drosera in now...
  7. F

    Plant suggestion for this tank please

    I'm new here & to CP in general. I have grown many types of plants for many years though & have a new love. I built a large 60X30X48" tall terrarium (it also has 10" of water in the bottom with fish etc) I'd like to include one or two lowland nepenthes in. It's a fairly new setup, the day temp...
  8. F

    Jim's Large display paludarium

    I recently built a large paludarium (a terrarium with a water feature, I had never heard that word before not so long ago). It is 60X30X48" tall. I have nearly always had a fish tank & put my self through school working in a nursery, so always had a lot of plants but never any CP before. I'd...
  9. L

    light fixture for this setup

    Hey guys, you may have seen my post earlier asking if anyone was interested in donating plants for a nature education and conservation center. I'm happy to say that I did receive a few responses and so far one person was generous enough to send a handful of Drosera plans for each of the kids...
  10. S

    Hello from Chicago, help me optimize my terrarium!

    Hello, I've been growing CPs for a year or so and just started a terrarium about a month ago. I have 4 4 foot T5HO fluorescents (cool white) and also 2 2 foot T5 fluorescents (soft white) over two tanks containing: Drosera Multifada Extrema Drosera Capensis Alba Nepethens Miranda Nepenthes...
  11. C

    My Biolapse Thread.

    Hello Folks! My name is Chris, and I am a timelapse photographer. Rather than going for the iconic tortured tree in front of a starfield my interests have turned towards plants and studio work. I wanted to start this thread to document my progress, and hopefully get some tips on how to get...
  12. tuballkain

    Newbe's Terrarium

    This is my first CP project and first CPs. A Sarracenia hybrid, Cobra lily, Venus Fly Trap, Cape Sundew, Purple Pitcher x2, and a Sarracenia. Built this little thing myself, I think I should redo this so the water is flowing and I hate the brown moss :-( make it so dark and dead looking. It's...
  13. tuballkain


    Brand new to CPs. Hope to learn a lot here, building my first terrarium today, almost done. :banana2: I hope it's not to much of a fail :0o: Thnx
  14. NatchGreyes

    Genlisea hispidula bloomed!

    Hey Everyone: I somehow missed the flower on the stalk, but my Genlisea hispidula bloomed. I've taken a couple shots of the flower on the floor of the terrarium: I'm not entirely sure how I missed the bloom; it must be very short lived. I've been checking every morning and evening and...
  15. rcl27

    My Overkill Terrarium with Custom Rock Face & Waterfall

    First off, here is the almost finished waterfall: And the back side (ignore my dog): To highlight the basics, this is going into a 75 gal terrarium with a mix of CP's ranging from a N. glabrata to D. falconeri. Yes I realize two very different environments but just wait :) The base of the...
  16. O

    Growin outdoors in Cali

    I live in the San Francisco bay area and was wondering what plants I could grow outdoors year round. I have a large terrarium that I am currently growing the majority of my plants in but I want to start growing as many as I can outdoors. Tell me what you suggest! Thanks!
  17. A

    Nepenthes watering query

    I have setup a new terrarium and would like to run a mister continuously from 8am-8pm, the nepenthes have well draining soils and get morning sun then filtered from 11am onwards, temps are 23C-25C at night and 24C-32C by day, the reason for the misting time is that I have attached a miniature...
  18. uphwiz

    uphwiz's home terrarium

    its a little over run and needs a cleanout lots of dead or drying pitchers , but here it is as right now :blush:. .
  19. Dave S.

    One Nepenthes villosa seedling from Mt. Kinabalu - costanza $36

    I bought a few N. villosa seedlings from a vendor at our 2013 Annual NECPS Show last year. I have them growing in live LFS with temperatures around 50F at night under T5 and LED lights. All of the yellow N. villosa seedlings are pictured below were labeled to be from Mt. Kinabalu...