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Plant suggestion for this tank please

I'm new here & to CP in general. I have grown many types of plants for many years though & have a new love.

I built a large 60X30X48" tall terrarium (it also has 10" of water in the bottom with fish etc) I'd like to include one or two lowland nepenthes in. It's a fairly new setup, the day temp is 80-82 & night low 70s, mist twice a day & humidity 80% range.

One thought is, there are a couple 5"net pots imbedded in the top of the rock wall on the left. Could plant a vining plant (like the N. tenuis photos I saw on a thread here) in the center pot & let it vine on the branches that run nearly full length across the top of the tank. The other thought I had was take the dark plant (middle very top) out & plant a small CP in its place. That plant is growing in sphagnum moss in the space between two branches. The CPs pitchers could hang over the edge of the branches that way.

Looking for suggestions. Not only suggestions as to which plants might work but as important where/how I might find/get them. Also if you think both these ideas are unworkable some how. I imagine you may have some questions too.