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Hallo from Sunny South Africa

Hi everyone,

Recently started collection and growing CP's and stumbled onto this forum whilst doing research.
Since I bought my Typical form D. Capensis at the nursery a few months back I've been hooked! I have even built my own medium sized terrarium that I use to propagate Drosera in now.

I prefer Drosera but I've also got two Nep's and one Sarracenia (Which I rescued from the local nursery. They had the plant all dried out in a bad shape)

Welcome to Terraforums! Have you seen any CPs in the wild? South Africa is a hotspot for CPs.
Welcome! I hope to visit South Africa some day, the botanical diversity in your country is spectacular. Hope your collection grows quickly!
Hello from Canada :)
Thanks everyone.

To answer your question, No unfortunately I have not been so lucky as to see CP's in the wild (yet)
Where I stay the climate is quite dry. I am planning a trip to some of the CP hot spots. Really looking forward to that.
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Welcome to TF!