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Hello all,
I've been growing carnivorous plants for over 10 years. Most of that time I lived in Brooklyn where my growing area was limited to two small windowsills. I moved upstate a few years ago and my collection has grown exponentially. I am interested in all types of carnivorous plants but seem to gravitate most to the Nepenthes and VFTs.

Here are a few pics from my collection:

This is my large terrarium that I built about a month ago. It has two N. ampullaria, a N. bicalcarata, a few nepenthes hybrids, D. regia, D. prolifera and U. humboldtii:


Here is my smaller terrarium that is a few years old and very dirty. It contains N. albomarginata, N. spectabilis, a few N. spectabilis hybrids, N. mirabilis var globosa 'viking', and a small Cephalotus:


This is a rack in my basement for temperate plants. The top shelf is for VFTs, a few S. purpurea and Pings. The center rack is devoted almost entirely to Darlingtonia. There is a S. purpurea there waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before it goes back outside. I also have two Heliamphora here. The bottom rack contains mostly Sarracenia seedlings including S. minor, S. jonesii, S. oreophila, S. purpurea var purpurea, and a few hybrids. There are also a few Drosera, a S. 'Scarlet Belle", a Drosophyllum and a few Genliseas.


Here is a N. 'Miranda' growing in my entryway. I just cut this thing back by over 50% a few months ago and moved its location so it isn't pitchering as readily as it usually does:


I'm also filling my windowsills with carnivores, here are a couple of them:



And lastly, my office at work. There is a N. x ventrata hanging from the window, a few new Nepenthes hybrids on the sill as well as a P. moranensis:


I've been dreaming about building a greenhouse for a few years now so I can really get my collection going, but it's looking like I won't be able to build one in my current location. As an alternative I've been doing a lot of research lately on grow tents. I'll probably have some questions for you about them in the near future.

Thanks for letting me join the community and allowing me to share my plants!
HA HA HAAAA. That nepenthes is the best Christmas tree I've ever seen! Where did you get that plant? Thanks.
HA HA HAAAA. That nepenthes is the best Christmas tree I've ever seen! Where did you get that plant? Thanks.

A few years ago there was a local nursery that was renovating their tropical greenhouse. They had this N. Miranda and several other tropical plants outside in November because they had no place else to put them. I drove a station wagon at the time and remember having a hard time fitting it in the car.
Thanks, one more question (probably). How do you get it to pitcher so much inside? I wouldn't mind seeing my ventricosa pitcher more in winter when I have to bring it inside. Thanks.
I don't do anything special. Most of my windowsill Nepenthes slow down pitcher production in the winter. I think it's probably a combination of decreased sunlight and decreased humidity because the heat is on. If you are bringing a ventricosa inside for the winter I imagine just the fact that it is acclimating to a new environment would cause it to slow pitcher production.
Yeah, I knew it was the humidity that was stopping pitcher production. I just thought you might be able to help. Hopefully he'll start pitchering again n summer when he's back outside. Thanks.