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Building a terrarium and question about new plants.

I'm putting plants in a 260 gallon long aquarium(best deal ever.), using cat litterboxes to have a sphagnum mat along the bottom, a shaded area for a D. adelae(I've heard they like indirect/dappled, but bright, light. If I'm wrong, please correct) and four nepenthes in it(maxima poso, miranda, sanguinae, and ventricosa) along with an purple pitcher plant and dwarf sundews during the summer months, taken out to hibernate during the winter. I have some pretty nice lighting from a different project, and just need to keep a pepper plant from climbing back in the terrarium. Seeing as the plants just arrived, would putting them in the grow lights now be fine or should I let them harden off a bit in the shade to avoid maximum pitcher loss and such from them? Hopefully, I learn enough from this that I can start helping.
Sarracenia and Venus Fly Traps dont do well in terrariums..
I would remove that one from the list of potential plants..it should be grown outdoors in full sun.
Other than that, sounds like a cool project!