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anyone growing N. bellii, what conditions, photos?

Been researching what plants might be suitable for terrarium growing. Been reading older posts about them & thought I'd ask for some currant info. From what I can gather they are lowlander that doesn't get so big?

I will post some pics later but mine is growing in a terra made out of a 20 gal high aquarium lite by two t8 bulbs. Temps/humidity run to about 80 degree/80 percent. I do find that it requires a bit of shading in my setup, so for now it is being partially shaded by my big amp. Not sure what i will do when the amp leaves the terra for good in a few weeks.
I have a bellii for over a year now. I live in the tropics. The plant stays outdoor at lowland condition, 32/26C day/night. RH 60-80% most of the time. Partial shade.
It is a quick growing plant.

As of photos:
When I received it March last year, severely dehydrated 1 week after potting

It recovered. There are 3 pitchers near the floor at lower left.
That Bellii looks so healthy, tzestan! My Bellii is doing OK, but it could do better:


I have 70-80 % (100% at night) humidity, temps day 28C, night minimum 24C (22C during the winter). No shade but not that strong lighting either. I'm not sure what it needs to thrive like yours :)
Looks like one of these would do well in my terrarium. Even if they're a little bigger than I hoped they'd be

Thanks all