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  1. R

    Utricularia graminifolia - Free Shipping! (collin $13)

    1) Opening bid amount $2 2) Item description - Atleast a 1.5" X 1.5" section from the photos below, bareroot. Higher bids will increase the amount I send. 3) We are paying for the shipping. 4) Continential US only. 5) US only 6) PM me with any questions. Utricularia graminifolia by...
  2. NatchGreyes

    Auction Rules - REQUIRED Reading for Participation in 2015 NASC Auction

    Welcome to the 2015 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! To learn more about the NASC, click here. In order to participate in the 2015 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or...
  3. V

    Spring Cleaning

    So I was pretty much out of room for plants under my two fixtures. However,a lot of pots were failed out previously transplanted seedling pots. I'm in the middle of putting various sundew and a few nepenthes seedlings into 2"circular plastic net pots. These will be about a foot under a fixture...
  4. D

    Dahlia tubers anyone. ?

    Some of you know I grow dahlias as well as carnivorous. . I'm cutting back on how many I grow this year so I need to unload a lot of extra tubers. . I can send you a list of what's available if anyone is interested. Looking for trades on any CP I don't already have.... I would ship priority mail...
  5. F

    Free grape hyacinth bulbs

    I have a bunch of super healthy and productive clumps of grape hyacinths. They are very easy to grow, nice grasslike foliage with deep blue flowers, great for edging, pots, or inter planting with tulips, hyacinths etc, overwinter in the snow easily and are one of the first bulbs to flower when...
  6. SgtSarracenia

    N. "Sabre" x ventricosa seed giveaway

    This give away is for a pod of N. "Sabre" x ventricosa. I will choose the winner by random number generator on Aril 3rd. Winner will be asked to send SASE. There are also 3 other "Sabre" x seed pod giveaways hidden across the internet. Lets see if you can find them all. �� 1. 2. 3.
  7. Acro

    FREE non CP seeds

    FREE Veggie Seeds (non cp) I have a bunch of extra sees that I won't get around to planting this spring. They are from last year, so not all of them will sprout. If you have extra space in your garden, please give the seeds a chance! Shipping is on me. Please send a PM! *Carrot - Parisian...
  8. RL7836

    LF: D. capensis with location info

    I just lost a wonderful, several-year-old palm tree of a D. capensis last month and now am missing it. Rather than a generic form, I would prefer one that has location info (as long as I'm wishing, I'd prefer one of the more unusual locations like Montagu Pass, Palmiet River, Gordons Bay, etc -...
  9. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula gigantea in flower

    Anyones P. gigantea flowering? Mine is currently in bud. I'd like to either receive pollen in exchange for half of any resulting seed, or send pollen in exchange for half of any resulting seed. Weather is iffy on my end, so I'm not sure how viable this is. Just thought I'd inquire. Thanks TF!
  10. N

    CP Vivarium

    Hello everyone, I come from a background of Poison dart frogs and was interested in coming to the carnivorous plant hobby. I Love the look of the plants. Has anyone ever tried making a CP tank? I would put wood, a background and all the rest of the things together but i would have no idea how...
  11. R

    Passiflora giveaway: 'Preciosa' cuttings plus Passiflora membranacea seeds

    My Passiflora 'Preciosa' desperately needs to be cut back--I plan to do it Sunday. If anyone can get any use out of some of the cuttings, I can send about 10 nodes (or possibly more, depending on interest). 2 nodes is enough to root a new plant, and they root in water. There's a good chance...
  12. Acro

    2 Drosera capensis 'Albino' and Utricularia sandersonii *FREE*

    I have 2 Drosera capensis 'Albino' to offer. One is about 3" across, the other is smaller than a dime. I also have a small portion of Utricularia sandersonii that sprung up in a pot. I'd like to send them all to 1 person, but I'll split them up if I need to. Shipping is 6 bucks. If it is...
  13. bloks1995

    N. truncata pollen

    As the title states, I currently have a male N. truncata that is flowering. If anyone has a flowering female (any species), I am interested in a trade. I would pay whatever shipping costs to send it to you, and I would request only a small amount of seed in return, shipped by you (I don't have a...
  14. R

    S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

    After splitting my rubras a couple months ago, I ended up with twelve plants! I've given some to friends but still have 6 extra I'm willing to give up. Last summer, they were making pitchers 5-7 inches tall. I also have 2 purpurea venosa's I'd like to trade. One purpurea is a baby with pitches...
  15. Eric

    Looking to trade N. burkei x hamata

    I have a N. burkei x hamata and am actively looking for a N. robcantleyi x hamata, if anyone is interested. I will post pictures of my plant later this evening. Next week's weather is supposed to be warmer here so it would be ideal for shipping. Send a PM if interested. Eric These pitchers are...
  16. V

    Caring for Nepenthes Seedlings

    So I started a variety of nepenthes seedlings, and one variety, a mirabilis, had a huge germination rate. So now, in a 4 inch pot, I have 50+ plants andywhere from newly germinated to an inch in diamter. They are sown in LFS, and I plan on transplanting to a humidity dome with a tray system...
  17. S

    I am wondering the peat moss peat moss was used for carnivorous plants?

    I am wondering the peat moss peat moss was used for carnivorous plants? Pete Moss'll send the picture, please give me guidance.
  18. R

    Giveaway: Jackfruit seedlings (Artocarpus heterophyllus) seedlings for postage

    I bought a Jackfruit late last year, and started a number of the seeds. I've decided I don't have the room to deal with the sprouted seeds, and I'd like to send them to someone for postage. I'm not sure how much postage will be--hopefully for 1 or 2 pounds ($7.15 or $11.55, or perhaps less...
  19. jonnyq

    Drosera scorpioides gemmae giveaway

    Hi all! That time of year again... (Sorry I've been absent for large, irredeemable swaths of time...) Soooo I have a few (starting with just a few) packets of D. scorpioides gemmae to give away... I'm going to say 10 gemmae per packet... So, I'm going to start with 4 packets, but there will...
  20. hcarlton

    Birthday Giveaway!

    Hello all! My birthday is coming up next Wednesday, so instead of getting gifts, I decided I'll give some! Up for grabs are one packet each of N. 'Rokko' Exotica x mixta and N. 'Rokko' Exotica x ((inermis x singalana) x mira). How this will work is: there will be one list for each pack, I...