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I just lost a wonderful, several-year-old palm tree of a D. capensis last month and now am missing it. Rather than a generic form, I would prefer one that has location info (as long as I'm wishing, I'd prefer one of the more unusual locations like Montagu Pass, Palmiet River, Gordons Bay, etc - as unlikely as that wish may be - LOL)

I'm also not looking for a full plant but would prefer a leaf (or two) in a test tube of RO water (I can send a test tube if necessary - full plants frequently have hitchhikers that are quite unwelcome in my collection).

For trade, I can offer:

- D. filiformis "all red" (the form that doesn't need a dormancy)
- D. prolifera
- U. nephrophylla
- U. pubescens
- U. humboldtii
- U. reniformis
- U. alpina
- U. asplundii

For a truly uncommon location, I may be willing to divide a Heli or a less common Orchidioides/Iperua Utricularia. If this winter ever ends here in the Northeast, I may also be able to offer a Sarracenia division (you can peruse the various Sarracenia options in my growlist - link below) or a temperate Drosera hybrid (D. beleziana or hybrida).

Feel free to send any offers to

Thanks for playing :bigthumpup:
The red D. capensis I have had location data but I don't recall what it is. I obtained some potted plants from another LACPS member/vendor and the D. capensis came up sometime later. I didn't pay attention to what the location was and the member dropped out of the CP scene soon afterwards when he graduated from college. Palmiet River sounds familiar but it could be anything. It was the only red D. capensis he distributed and his plant IDs and location data were always impeccable.
If you happen to come across the location info, I'd be interested in a leaf.
To everyone else,
Thank you - It currently looks like I have leads on the following:
- Baines Kloof
- Vogelgat
- Botrivier
Sorry to butt in, I have two things.

Would you be interested in "Big pink"?

And if you have extra Botrivier, let me know.
Would you be interested in "Big pink"?
Thanks for the offer but no - I think I've got as many (or more) lined up than I expected. I dug into my 'seed drawer' in the frig & found three packs of seeds from ~2004-2005 (Vogelgat, Red, Wide-leaf). I planted some from all 3 packs & got crazy-good germinations in 10-12 days. Ditto with some old D. regia seeds I found while looking. Add these to the others that are either promised or in the mail ...

And if you have extra Botrivier, let me know.
These are from the seedbank - donor's side.
Okay, keep us updated.