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  1. dsrtfox1942

    roots from stem?

    Ok, so I've been growing Nepenthes for a while now, but every time I repot, I never stick any of the brown stem beneath the surface. So I have nice green growth hovering on top of a brown stem. If I repot them and put the stem under soil, will it sprout roots so i can then trim off the old roots...
  2. Wolfn

    Found a baby Drosophyllum for sale. Should I buy it?

    There is a nursery selling 3-inch tall Drosophyllum babies in peat pots. I know this plant is a little difficult to grow, but from what I read, all I need to do is keep the soil well drained and just moist (never wet), give it as much sunlight as humanly possible, and never repot it. Should...
  3. jonnyq

    Nepenthes ramispina curling leaves?

    Good morning, all, I could use a second opinion on one of my plants, if any would be willing to help... So, I have two young N. ramispina, one growing at my job under artificial lighting (http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125589) which is thriving... The other is growing at...
  4. carnivoure12

    The Young and the Restless

    Hey everyone! I thought I'd post some pictures of my young plants, or developing pitchers! I know these might not be too spectacular but at least you have something to look at. Sorry for the horrible photography... Royal Majesty - Black N. truncata N. macrophylla - Small leaf due to...
  5. Taliesin-DS

    Some pics of my jungle

    clicking on the pics will link to a bigger version Pepper seedlings: first 2 pics: about 1-2 weeks old 3rd pics: 3-4 weeks old. 1. 2. 3. Most beautifull brom ever seen, anyone know what it is ? :P 4. 5. Amp seedlingd getting big, prolly gotta repot them soon. 6. Inermis. 7...
  6. V

    My Current Growings!

    So I finally got around to snapping some photos today of my small setup and thought I'd share them with all of you! Criticisms or advice is appreciated as always! My Whole Setup: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hugh-jass/5426913078/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/hugh-jass/5426913500/ My Mixed Sarr...
  7. TENroaches

    Repotting D. capensis - "trunk" underground?

    I've had this D. capensis since the summer and it keeps putting up new leaves and old ones turn black and die. But now the growth point is about an inch above the soil level. When I repot it, should I keep this growth point an inch above the soil, or bring it back down to soil level? Thanks
  8. TENroaches

    Nepenthes ventricosa - spots on leaves, possible fungus on soil

    When feeding a bug to my Nep today, I noticed some spots on the leaves. And then when taking pictures, I noticed some light grey stuff on the soil. I noticed a small amount before and might have sprayed it with a sulfur-based fungicide, I can't remember for sure. But I saw a lot more today...
  9. jonnyq

    D. capensis - repot before or after flowering?

    Good evening, all! Back in the early fall, I purchased a little D. capensis at the NECPS show in RI... It was my first Drosera of any kind, and I hadn't planned on jumping this genus until late this calendar year, but the opportunity was there (and in all honesty, I was in a daze, like a kid at...
  10. thez_yo

    Show me your N. hamata!

    I do mean Nepenthes, but if you've got a different genus with the species name N. hamata that's awesome too :p Here's some older pics of mine because I'm away from home right now: SG BE N. hamata pitcher when I first got it (it's finally working on pitchers again now that it's acclimated, but...
  11. SirKristoff

    Candy Striped veitchii Bario Highland seedlings update

    they are going on 7-8 months old now, i believe....and some are showing some pretty good color to the leaves and pitchers, and they are getting size a bit quicker than i thought considering they are veitchii after all :P time for a repot i think XP
  12. TheFury

    I hate to say it again, but... HELP!!!

    Man, the n00b blunders again. I'm whipping up a new batch of media. I decided to do it right this time after screwing up first by not rinsing anything, second by adding vermiculite. Now I'm doing it right: 3 parts peat, a little less than 1 part perlite, a little more than 2 parts sand. First I...
  13. SirKristoff

    Repotted my Cephalotus

    Personally, i cant stand those crappy thin black plastic pots that nurseries seem to send plants in, this came from a private grower back in june but has grown a ton since i got it, i have a feeling its due to feeding....but either way, i believe in the "If it aint broke, dont fix it" rule, but...
  14. ThiefLUPIN

    Unusual Rotting Leaf Die-off

    I have a Nepenthes species 1, a highlander, growing in relatively high humidity levels (I don't have an exact measurement) under low-med lighting (mostly filtered sunlight from a skylight, and whatever it gets from the room lights when they are turned on) and just very recently it is having some...
  15. vraev

    Some repotting/maintenance pics

    Hi guys, Just decided that I should repot some of my cephs. One of the pots was at the floor of my 3' tall tanks and as ucan see...very green and not that great. Another one wasin a communal pot with other things..but you can see the media was looking very bad. The VFTs were starting to die, so...
  16. TheFury

    Help me ID this struggling D. spatulata

    So I'll start by saying that I'm thoroughly embarrassed to show you any plants in this state. This was my first CP - I got it around April. It was thriving for a long time - growing like a weed, spawning plantlets, flowering, clumping... the works. Then, about two months ago, one of the mature...
  17. TheFury

    My Pinguicula moctezumae is confused...

    Hi everyone - I got this P. moctezumae about a month and a half ago from an online vendor. It came growing in LFS, and I decided not to repot it into a different medium based on the experiences of some members on this board. However, since I got my plant, it hasn't grown at all. It also...
  18. duzu

    my nep terrariums

    1ST TERRARIUM 148L, 2x36W (T8) 6000K N.ampullaria ''Brunei Red x Harlequin'', N. mirabilis var. echinostoma, N.ampullaria ''Green'' and N. rafflesiana (typical?). These 3 little plants are growing in my shaded area. Nepenthes hirsuta and Nepenthes fusca ''flared peristome''. I had...
  19. nightsky

    So my spectabilis thinks it's dying..

    ..or it really is in fact dying, time will tell. It was doing great, and has been for a couple years. Then it made a pitcher that was 1/4 the size of the previous. Then it threw out a couple very tiny leaves, about 1/4 the size of the previous leaves, all of which didn't pitcher. Now, it has...