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  1. S

    Temperature range/conditions for Heliamphora

    In general, what is an acceptable temperature range for most Heliamphoras? I have seen a lot of contradictory information out there. Some growers state that night temps of 45f-55f are absolutely mandatory, while recently I have seen a lot of growers having success with constant room temps...
  2. killerplantsguy

    Heli - mess!!

    This is embarassing, but I thought it might be interesting (?) to show what resulted when I neglected some Heliamphora. Eldercare iossues have demanded a lot of time the past few years, and my plants have suffered. Proper clean up and repotting has not been given enough attention. Anyway...
  3. Maiden

    Various heliamphoras pictures from this morning.

    Heliamphora minor var minor par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphora par dals009, sur Flickr Heliamphora nutans yuruani par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphoras par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphoras par dals009, sur Flickr Heliamphora pulchella akopan par dals009, sur...
  4. NatchGreyes

    NatchGreyes Growlist / Wantlist

    Notice: Growlist now available on my blog - http://ngcarnivorousplants.blogspot.com/p/grow-list.html. The blog list will be updated. This one will not. Growlist: (* = Extras for sale/trade) (Updated 2/4/2014) Aldrovanda vesiculosa – 1 Byblis liniflora – 1 Cephalotus Typical – 1...
  5. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  6. T

    a death in the tank...

    i think i killed my H. minor. :'( somehow it got missed during watering rounds. its still green but wilted, hopefully i can bring it back. any suggestions? Travis
  7. Cthulhu138

    Heliamphora Pollen Wanted

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for some Heliamphora collina pollen. I've also got x Tequila and heterodoxa x minor that will be opening flowers soon and would entertain any interesting pollen for them as well. Standard 50/50 split on seeds. Thanks, Johnny
  8. theplantman

    Going all-out to germinate some Drosophyllum

    Hi guys! I just received some seeds from John Brittnacher over at the ICPS, one of which is a packet of Drosophyllum. I have literally spent almost 10 solid hours over the weekend reading every last scrap of forum conversation about its germination, the ICPS grow guides, and every word written...
  9. Maiden

    What is your top 3 favorite Heliamphora species?

    I had the idea on another forum. Many heli jedi are on this forum too so its a nice place to ask ! For myself: 1- heliamphora minor var pilosa auyan 2- heliamphora parva 3- heliamphora minor var minor auyan And if i can chose another one, burgundy-black
  10. Jcal

    Schizandra, heli, utric for trade

    As the title states, I have the following for trade. Small schizandra (quarter sized) Immature heli minor U. Reniformis I am looking for other helis, nepenthes, and epiphytic utrics. If interested please make an offer!
  11. C

    S. Alabamensis, H. minor, and other plants for trade.

    I have the plant divisions for trade; Heliamphora minor Sarracenia a.abamensis S. minor (Osceola Co., Fl.) Pinguicula lutea (Osceola Co., Fl.) Drosera intermedia (Osceola Co., Fl) Pongonia ophioglossoides (Osceola Co.Fl ) I am looking for the following plants; Sarracenia rosea S. jonesii...
  12. S

    looking for utricularia nelumbifolia to trade for small H. minor division

    hey everyone! im just looking to get a small plug of Utricularia nelumbifolia (preferably water growing but not required) currently for trade i have a small division of heliamphora minor, if ur interested please PM me! thanks!
  13. amphirion

    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    Hello folks, it's that time again. For those who participated last year either by voting or judging, you have our sincerest thanks for making our calendars as awesome as they are. This year, we will play the calendar contest via public vote from the get-go, you must follow these instructions...
  14. Bonnie

    New Heliamphoras

    I just my first large carnivorous plant shipment in the mail and potted everyone up. The Heli's are potted in a soil mix containing peat, silica sand, and perlite, and the dome is now closed up with the whole thing sitting on my greenhouse floor so they can slowly acclimate. Unfortunately I...
  15. Goodkoalie

    Koalies Growlist/trade list

    This is all i could find for know, i will update more, as i add on to my list. Sundews: D. capensis "alba" D. 'califronain sunset' D. nidiformis D. spathula (seedlings) Venus Fly Traps: Typical Seed Grown 'big mouth' 'jaws' 'red piranha' Pitcher plants: S. alata S. alata "rubricuplata" S...
  16. Nanthawat

    Nanthawat's Grow List

    I am fairly new to carnivorous...but once I move next month (and get more sun) the list will grow like crazy ;) Dionaea Muscipula -'King Henry' -'Red Dragon' -'Dente' Drosera -Capensis -Roseana -Spatulata -Aliciae Pinguicula -'Sethos' -Primuliflora Nepenthes -Maxima -Maxima x...
  17. adnedarn

    FOUND!! 55 packs of Sarr seeds in my fridge. Want some?

    Hello all!! I was looking in the fridge for "something to do" and found that I still have lots of Sarr seeds already packed up... I did a giveaway back in 2009 but these were nicely dried and have been in the fridge since then. Some people have even posted pictures of their Sarrs from these...