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Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

Hello folks, it's that time again. For those who participated last year either by voting or judging, you have our sincerest thanks for making our calendars as awesome as they are.
This year, we will play the calendar contest via public vote from the get-go, you must follow these instructions exactly otherwise your photo may be disqualified.

1) Members are only allowed to make one submission this year.
2) The photo submission must be taken by the member submitting it.
3) The photo submission may be taken of any (proto*)CARNIVOROUS plant, in-situ or in cultivation but must be taken in the year 2013. If you are taking a photo of someone else's plant, please mention who the plant belongs to as well.
4) You must submit 2 photos: One will be submitted on this thread, while the second, full res image must be sent to:

5) Full resolution images must be at least 8 MP (~3504x2336) large in order to qualify.
6) Please send your full resolution images as soon as possible as this will reduce the delay time between formatting and production.
7) Landscape images only please.
8) Cut off date for submissions will be Nov 1st @ 0:00 PST. Both preview and full resolutions must be in their respective designations before the cut off.
9) Preview photos for the contest may be watermarked if desired.
10) By submitting to this contest your are allowing your photo to editing that may or may not include cropping, color correction/balance, typography placement, as well as other minor edits. Please refer to past submissions to gain an idea of how much modification your photos will go through.

Voting will commence Nov 1st @0:00 PST to Nov 9th, 0:00 PST.

And may the odds be ever in your favor....

*proto may be defined as 1) Has the ability to attract and kill insects but lacks the ability to digest them via own enzymes.
Darlingtonia californica. Seedlings 8 Dollar Mts, Oregon

Heliamphora minor var minor auyan.
bump bump bump... 2 more weeks!
My Leah...

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S. leucophylla x oreophila flowers

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awesome entries guys! only a week left for submissions!
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7 entries? We need more than that! :)
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I think maybe the one entry per contestant scared everyone off. Perhaps a number of folks can't decide on just one. Maybe loosen that restriction to 3 or 5 or something and I bet the pics will flood in.
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Also there was no talk about this until last week. Better marketing next year would help a lot.
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I think that rule is there because last year people complained that folks had won more than once...
If you own a calendar from last year... they was a monthly reminder. So next time, get a calendar! ;) AND this is going to be the 4th year... people should know by now, honestly.
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I joined last year and I didn't get a calendar because i didn't have the money. Also I had no idea when the calendar contest was going to occur. Something as simple as making this thread a sticky during the contest would help a lot I think. Maybe send a forum wide email to everyone and let them know about it. Just some food for thought. If you guys want to open it up to more entries per person let me know I've got tons of photos I'd like to enter.
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I will buy at least 2 for sure for me.
And i will ask some friends here.
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here's my entry .Jimmy Conner
N Sabre'
i may need some help in sending a pic too the e-mail address, anyone know how to do that ?
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As in how to attach it or are you getting an error trying to send it due to size? If it's because of size another member used a service called "WeTransfer.com" I don't know if it's free or what though.
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You can open a flickr acount, upload the photo and give the passwd to amphirion, he will download the full size picture from there.
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WeTransfer is free. Just go to their home page, enter the email address you are sending to, enter your return address. Upload the files. Up to 2 GB. Very user friendly and intuitive. Recipient gets an email with a URL to download the files, you get a notice when the files were downloaded. No accounts to open, no spam. Files are deleted after x number of days. It took me more time to type this message than it would to get your files on the way with WeTransfer (excluding upload time).