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Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

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Here is my contribution. Most of my photos are in portrait.

Likewise. I will have to remember to take more in landscape for next year.
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here is my entry:


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Thanks so much for participating guys. 2 more days left! go! go! go! go!
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Changed my mind and went with the D. capillaris photo on page one of this thread.
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Hope I'm not too late!
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theres a possibility that i'm too late. if thats the case, please feel free to remove my photo from the contest!

anyways, heres my entry of one of my pinguiculas munching on a fly....
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Hey mcmcnair,
Sorry I didn't realize you replied to my post. This is a picture of one from my collection. I've seen wild ones before but have the habit of doing portrait orientation. It just works so well! Thanks for your interest! :D

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I know I'm too late, but I needed to try...

My Cephalotus...

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I got your email, but none of my pictures are 8mg :[ maybe next year

what i would have submitted: