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  1. Odysseus

    Looking to buy U. longifolia & U. sandersonii (white or blue)

    Hey all, Looking to buy: Utricularia longifolia Utricularia sandersonii Utricularia sandersonii 'blue' Thank you!
  2. P

    Recently repotted Utricularia longifolia, good sized plantlet up for grabs!

    About three or four weeks ago, my U. longifolia started sending up a flower spike, so I thought it was time to repot. I had been delaying doing so and if I did not I figured it would be three months or so before I could if I did not do it then. I held back one plantlet for a giveaway here...
  3. Axelrod12

    Axelrod's CP adventures

    Axelrod's CPs Ok new thread, and I'm going to try to confine my questions and stuff to here now that I feel like I might be starting to get the hang of things...a little. Previous threads: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135461-How-am-I-doing-so-far...
  4. Axelrod12

    Expanding the collection, have some more questions

    So I'm working on expanding my collection of CPs. I actually have quite a few questions I guess so try to bare with me. My thread for my first two CPs can be found here. The D. Capensis and the Nep both seem to be doing ok although I do have a question about each. The Capensis first, it...
  5. NatchGreyes

    NatchGreyes Growlist / Wantlist

    Notice: Growlist now available on my blog - http://ngcarnivorousplants.blogspot.com/p/grow-list.html. The blog list will be updated. This one will not. Growlist: (* = Extras for sale/trade) (Updated 2/4/2014) Aldrovanda vesiculosa – 1 Byblis liniflora – 1 Cephalotus Typical – 1...
  6. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  7. T

    Potting in Long-Fibered Sphagnum?

    I have two Utricularia longifolia that had been grown in peat moss when I purchased them and I want to transplant them into long-fibered sphagnum moss. However, the pieces of long-fibered sphagnum are pretty big and I'm not sure how to make sure the bladders are completely covered since they are...
  8. Cindy

    Nepenthes once again

    I lost most of these forms due to negligence. Recently, I decided it was time to grow them again. :banana2: The plants...very healthy and all producing pitchers. N. albomarginata (Kuching Spotted - my FAV albomariginata) N. bicalcarata (Marudi) N. longifolia (red) N. veitchii (pink)...
  9. Jcal

    LF Utriculaira

    i am looking for the following utrics. Alpine longifolia sandersonii (non-blue version) any others not on my list. i have plenty to trade. see grow list below.
  10. T

    Hello from California

    Hi everyone, I'm Howard. I've been getting back into carnivorous plants after a 3 year gap. I have a Nepenthes (not sure about the species) that I've had for almost 10 years. Here's a list of plants I have acquired in the last few months: Aldrovanda vesiculosa Utricularia gibba Utricularia...
  11. P

    Seeking Genlisea metallica G. glangulosissima and Utricularia volubilis, minutissima

    Don't know if anyone out there has these, thought I would give it a try. Have Genlisea flexulosa plantlet or U. longifolia plantlet for trade. Another utric or two, and some other water plants... Thanks.
  12. bellsprout

    Bellsprouts grow list

    All grown as windowsill plants, outside in the summer. -Dionaea: two different plants, both no ID. One huge green, one small with red in the traps, but the color is gone now. ‘wacky traps’, ‘bohemian garnet’, ‘red dragon’, ‘louchapates’ ‘shark teeth’ -Drosera: anglica rotundifolia (I...
  13. A

    Aussie growlist

    Nepenthes Alata (unknown variety) Bicalcarata sri aman Mirabilis Thai Mirabilis Au Cape York Mirabilis Viking Gracilis red Gracilis nigropurpurea (male) Albomarginata green Truncata Vieilardii Sanguinea red Benstonei Veitchii pink Veitchii Bau Veitchii Mt Murudu sarawak Ampullaria Green...
  14. pappydew

    U. longifolia fungus

    I recently got some U. longifolia but there seems to be a bit of white, fuzzy fungus developing along the surface of the media. It's currently planted in some LFS, although it came with peat around the roots. Temp ranges from 68-80F depending on the time of the day. Humidity usually 50-70%. I...
  15. Jcal

    Jcal's growlist

    Want list Cephalotus Clones I don't have! Cephalotus Dudley Watts Eden Black (eb x eb) Big boy Brewer giant green Brewer red Czech giant Double Ribbed Emu point German giant Hummers giant Phill Mann Squat Triffid Albany black Vigorous Drosera D. adelae D. prolifera D. schizandra D...
  16. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Grow List

    Carnivorous Heliamphora chimantensis (Chimanta) Heliamphora ciliata Heliamphora elongata (Ilu Tepui) Heliamphora ionasii Heliamphora minor "Burgundy Black" Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora nutans (Yuruani Tepui) Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora tatei var...
  17. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Tropical Greenhouse

    This is my 8'x12' greenhouse that some of you were asking to see. It has a swamp cooler, and reaches a max temp of 78 degrees, with a min of 60 degrees, vents and heating/cooling is all automated. There is an RO filter hooked up to a float valve on that trash can, with a mist system on a...
  18. anramitaco

    Anramitaco's Grow List

    Nepenthes N. albomarginata N. burbidgeae x veitchii N. chaniana x veitchii N. glandulifera x burbidgeae N. vogelii Pinguicula P. gigantea Non-carnivorous plants Orchids Brassavola cucullata Eulophia petersii Eulophia spectabilis Maxillaria tenuifolia Maxillaria variabilis Oeceoclades...
  19. catrus

    Utricularia longifolia won't bloom

    I've had this plant since last year's auction. I had to transplant it to a larger pot last fall. I read that you should let it dry out a little so I haven't watered it directly for months. Still no blooms! Is there something I can do?
  20. JMN16150

    Utric fungus! Help please:(

    Some random fungus has been attacking my utrics; it has claimed the life of my bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' already. I'm scared that it might claim my two u. longifolia divisions too! Any tips is appreciated:D Link:http://s1251.photobucket.com/user/JMN16150/library/U%20Fungus?page=1 THANKS!:-O