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Utricularia longifolia won't bloom


I've had this plant since last year's auction. I had to transplant it to a larger pot last fall. I read that you should let it dry out a little so I haven't watered it directly for months. Still no blooms! Is there something I can do?
Keep it soaked, less direct sun light.

Don't let it dry >:L
This plant can sometimes be unpredictable, at least in my experience. I had it for 2 years, and moved it between 3 different pots (the one it's in now is over a foot across and 6 inches deep), and for the most part kept it soaked. It only flowered for me when I got better, brighter lights, and stopped watering it for a while because I discovered the pot overflowing one day.
Thanks, I just moved it outside yesterday.
Mine bloomed but I believe it had something to do with it experiencing some semblance of seasonality.