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Looking to buy U. longifolia & U. sandersonii (white or blue)

Hey all,

Looking to buy:
  • Utricularia longifolia
  • Utricularia sandersonii
  • Utricularia sandersonii 'blue'

Thank you!
i've got the U sandesonii blue ready to go. $15 including shipping.

Is this how i respond? the rules seem a bit unclear.
First off, thanks so much for the quick response!

Rules state that you and I make an agreement on price and product, and once an agreement has been met, you will need to post in the Looking to buy SOLD forum so that I can respond to it and buy through it.

However, not ready for an agreement here. For $15 including shipping, how much U. sandersonii are we talking about and are you shipping it potted?

The price seems high, but perhaps this is a great deal with a bit more information on what I would be getting from you.
I would take a 1-inch plug as well. Doesn't need to be a huge established plant. Especially with U. sandersonii, it spreads good and well without needing to start with a whole lot of it.
Thanks, Natch.

Still looking for all three in case anyone is wondering. I had some good offers but looking for someone with all three available to make it easy on shipping. If I can't get all three, the only one I am willing to pay for individually at this point is just U. longifolia
I will end this thread next Monday if there are no more offers.

Thanks all!
These threads automatically go away after 1 week of no reply.
Ahhh just thought the forum was very unused. Okay. Since I just reset the timer with this, I will be looking for another week.

Thanks all in advance! Really appreciated the replies so far!