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  1. noah

    Did the American Bison limit carnivorous plant distribution in North America?

    A glance at a map of the distribution of carnivorous plants in North America reveals that a large part of the continent is almost completely devoid of CPs. Here I've mapped the distribution of Drosera anglica (in yellow) and the genus Sarracenia (red). As you can see, the entire central part...
  2. J

    Natural History Magazine Article

    The October 2006 issue of Natural History has a 7 page article on Nepenthes by Jonathan Moran. Gives a good introduction to Nepenthes for readers who may be learning about them for the first time. But also touches on the author's research with analyzing plants for their source of nitrogen...
  3. Cynic81

    What will the World look like in 2056?

    A very interesting idea I stole from another forum. What do you think the world will look like in 50 years? Here I offer some of my predictions: The Major Players: Dark Blue: Anglo-American Union over the course of the next 50 years the relationship between Britain and the US will continue...
  4. 1


    I'm David Suchoff from Chapel Hill, NC. Im 21, a rising senior at UNC , gooooooo heels. Im a music major and premed with a chem minor. I have been growning carnivores for 3ish years but have been gardening all my life. My other passion is music, I play classical trumpet and have been playing now...
  5. T


    I've been lurking for a bit here, and finally decided to register and post especially since I'm now getting involved in this hobby. I've often pondered the possibility of raising venus flytraps and various other carnivorous plants and last weekend my girlfriend expressed interest in them as...
  6. T


    I've been lurking for a bit here, and finally decided to register and post especially since I'm now getting involved in this hobby. I've often pondered the possibility of raising venus flytraps and various other carnivorous plants and last weekend my girlfriend expressed interest in them as...
  7. G

    Heyhey, neu to the forums

    Hey, whats up everyone? I wuz reccomended to come to this forum by a few friends of mine. I'm fairly new to Carniverous Plants, January will be my 5th month. My first CP (Carniverous Plant) was ordered online from a place called California Carnivores about 5 months ago. It was a Dioneae...
  8. M

    My new website: nepenthes of thailand !

    Dear all, I'm not a computer expert, so I did what I could. I put online my first website (if we exclude the little page about Borneo Exotics, that you can also find in this new website). Nepenthes of Indochina It's about the Nepenthes species growing in Thailand. It's not full of pics yet...
  9. Jeremiah Harris


    Hello I have seen a lot of new people joining lately and thought it might be a good idea to have Reintroductions for some of the long time member and Introductions for the new ones. I will start I'm 16 years old and have been growing CP for over 12 years now. I grow my carnivorous plants in a...
  10. A

    Black rock forest: harvard university

    Well, im current in a selective high school student program at the American Museum of Natural History. This summer i was starting out my program with an introduction to all major aspects of science, which included a trip to Black Rock Forest. I thought it would be cool, it was planned that we...
  11. chloroplast

    Terrarium lighting

    Hello, Quite literally, I read all the topics on lighting and am more confused now than before! There seems to be a great deal of debate on watts vs. lumens vs. lux, etc..... However, I wasn't able to find a simple answer to a very important question: What is the best lighting (in terms of...
  12. J


    With weird hobbies, it's great to find people out there who share the same interest. For many years, I have thought that I may be the one of the few that liked to grow carnivorous plants, the book Savage Garden, help me learn from my errors. If only I knew there was a forum like this I would...
  13. C

    New guy introduction

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, My name is Doug and I'm a Cactus Grower in the Hi Desert area of Joshua Tree California, hence my handle...Cactusdoug. I found this Forum looking for info on making a terrarium. I just picked up a 40 Gal Reptile tank that I don't think it sturdy enough to hold...
  14. nepenthes gracilis

    Late Feb. gallery

    This is the late February gallery trip to Tony's. N. aristolochioides A red N. burbidgeae I think this is the Giant form of C. follicularus. A striped N. eymae Need no introduction or explanation. H. minor flower N. jacquelineae The big N. mira The seldomly seen N. talangensis...I...
  15. T

    Utricularia beaugleholei

    Germination was noted in seed sown 011504. The fresh seed was sown on sopping wet Supersphagnum in a small cocktail sauce cup with a transparent lid, and kept at ambient room temps. Germination so far has been sparse, but I am hoping to see more seed sprout. Similar success has been achieved...
  16. A

    Hello. Introduction plusweird venus flytrap leaf..

    Hello. My name is Danny and I am currently going to Ohio State in Columbus Ohio. I am some what new to CP's. When I was little I must have had about 10 different VFT's that all died with in days of arrival. However In August I was walking around a meijers and I noticed they were selling VFT's. I...
  17. goldtrap2690

    My vft care sheet

    INTRODUCTION: Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are one of the world's most well known cp (carnivorous plant). It was first described by the governor of North Carolina, Governor Arthur Dobbs in 1763. He named it flytrap sensitive and it was later known as the venus flytrap, named after Diana...
  18. R


    Suggested by our lovable PlantaKiss, this thread is here for the identification of your unknown plants. Don't know what you have? Post a picture! Want to flex your brain muscle? Tell some one else what they have! RULES Give a detailed title to your post/thread, (we don't need a million...
  19. R


    Ozzy PM'ed me and pointed out a conservation thread is something we needed. I agree.  Conservation of our Carnivorous Plant Resources was one of Petflytraps Founding Principles. So were happy to bring this topic to you, where you can come and work together and show how powerful our little...
  20. R


    Talk about your bromeliads, tilandsia, and other air plants here, hey, might as well talk about ferns and other stuff too! Enjoy.