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nepenthes gracilis

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  • Hello, I was trying to attach a photo to a reply, and I noticed that the attachment feature was disabled on my account. The message on the forum banner states " You may not post attachments"

    Thank you

    Hey there! I put a bunch of pictures from the NECPS show in the Nepenthes area when I guess they should have gone to the general discussions area. Sorry about that. Fell free to move them.
    Yeah. I'm kinda shocked you are 21. Holy cow I'm gettin' old. lol Your new hobby sounds great. That is the good thing about being 21...in years ahead you will find so many things to explore and get into..and get out of...and get into again. I love vintage stuff...have too much of it. But old stuff is good stuff...made when quality counted. I have some really cool old things.

    Like you, my plant collection has dwindled significantly. I have so much on my plate and it is too hard to keep up with it all. I haven't lost interest though. I haven't yet decided what to do...get rid of some plants or try to re-ignite the collection. I go look at my shimmering, sticky, bejeweled D. regia and it just takes my breath away still.

    I hope you do make the time for TF because this place just wouldn't be the same with a "Nep G" around. :)

    So don't go anywhere!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohooooooooooo! Are you as old as me yet? LOL
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