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  1. R


    This topic is here for you to discuss your Freshwater Aquaria... From your first tank of goldfish or guppies to your last tank with a Silver Arrowana. You want to talk about your guppies breeding habbits or why your Black Moore turned gold? Talk about it here. Cichlid Tanks, Planted Tanks...
  2. R


    This topic is here to discuss your hobby, Saltwater Aquariums. It can be anything from a Indo-Pacific Micro Reef habitat, to a fish only Triggerfish setup. Like Brakish water setups? Coastal Mangrove swamps, Geometric Eels or Horse Shoe Crabs? Or maybe your Chocolate Chip Starfish looks a little...
  3. S

    Specs vft care sheet and more

    INTRODUCTION AND CARE:   Common Name: Venus Flytrap Latin Name: Dionaea Muscipula Year Discovered:         1763 CARE SHEET: POT SIZE: 3-6 inches SOIL MEDIUM: 1/3 1/3 1/3 Peat moss, Sand, Vermiculite, And a pinch of Perlite WATERING: Pure Distilled, Melted Snow, (melt to room...
  4. T

    Drosera alba

    I was wondering if anyone is growing this species? I just acquired seed from this South African species, and want to make the most of it. If anyone has hear of anyone else growing this species, I would be interested in an introduction.
  5. M

    Nepenthes genetics

    I have a question I've been pondering for a while regarding the genetic diversity among Nepenthes species.  I thinks its safe to say that in general many species of Nepenthes are fairly variable in picture characteristics and other traits. My interest rises in the fact that since most Nepenthes...
  6. adnedarn

    Thanks tamlin.

    Well, again here I am thanking Tamlin. This time for the introduction to Pygmy Sundews. I received the gemmae yesterday. I am using 2 pots. one I am gonna try outside. the other I will attempt inside. THANKS MAN!! later, Andrew
  7. G

    Terrarium lighting 101

    Terrarium Lighting 101 Anyone popping into this messageboard will undoubtedly see many questions asking about lighting their terrariums so I decided that perhaps a quick introduction to the topic might be in order for newbies to check out and get a general idea of what is necessary to grow...
  8. R

    The Great Experiment

    First off, this experiment is very fast and loose, for several reasons: The 3 Sarracenia Purpera used are in different stages of growth (One 2 year old, 2 One Year Olds), they are outdoors, and thus can catch on their own so supplimental nutrients can not be monitored, and neither did I clean...