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A hobby of mine.


Kung Fu Fighting!
I don't know, I felt like posting this.

I have a very typical of a person my age (I said this so JustLikeAPill couldn't pull the joke off later, I hate you :'( XD!)

I make Anime Music Videos -.-. On CPUK I met some people who started talking about it in my introduction topic so it's a possible some people might here. So, uh, I feel dumb making this post. I probably am. Shoot me. Hang me. I don't care. :'(. Anyways.


Theres a link to one of my more popular videos, but, I don't see the fascination. I think they're pretty bland to me.

Then, when I see 300 views and no posts, I'll know I'm a lame dork. And if anybody does post, it'll be out of pity.

I guess that's life.
I used to watch DBZ back when I was 13 :)

Nice work. What's the song? It sounds kind of Christiany but I guess it's OK.
I watched that show until 5th grade. Then they started making it weird and stuff. Now I hate those shows.
OMG, I haven't seen that show in like forever...I used to watch it all the time though lol.

Yeah, One of my friends made a Halo 3 trailer, with music and stuff...he put it on You Tube and the next day it appeared on the official X-Box 360 web site lol, talk about lucky...

...You actually did a pretty descent job with the editing I thought. The music went along with the movie pretty nicley.
Dragonball Z. Time of Dying - Three Days Grace.