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Over the past year, a lot has been accomplished by NASC. Much of it hasn't been what you'd call "exciting" work, but its been necessary in order to lay the organizational foundation that we need in order to achieve our long-range goals. There has been a lot of paperwork (and of course frustrations with "procedures" and excrutiatingly slow attorneys), but we have gotten the neccessary papers completed.

I thought for those who are interested but do not attend the weekly and/or monthly Board meetings, I'd give a brief outline of some of the forward steps we have taken.

* NASC achieved legal non-profit status with our headquarters being registered in Hastings, NE
* Immediately after the legal status was granted, NASC established a bank account to receive payments and donations; we can accept checks, money orders, cashier's checks and PayPal
* Articles of Incorporation were written and accepted
* By-laws were written, voted and passed
* Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) were written, amended, voted on and accepted for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, Head Grower, Head of Conservancy (Collecting policies) and Head of Distribution
* Non-disclosure statements for Board members were filed
* A new position was created, Board Member At-Large, which allows for flexibility when we have special needs
* Web site development continues on an ongoing basis as new information is added/updated
* There was development of the Grower Information Packet, combining an introduction letter, the P&Ps and the Non-Disclosure Agreement
* There was development and initiation of the NASC Species and Location database
* 92 location-specific populations have been included in the database as of 05/02/2007
* Location-specific seeds have been collected (with permission) to enter into the Growing Program
* There was the development and printing of yellow NASC plant tags for identification of NASC-designated plants throughout the NASC Collection
* Thousands of seedlings of location-specific Sarracenia are labeled and growing
* A very detailed Land Survey form was created and instituted for use on all land inspections/rescues/collections to provide as much information as possible on various Sarracenia habitats
* NASC's launched its inaugural issue of the quarterly newsletter, Drummondii; you can read/download this newsletter on the NASC website http://www.nasarracenia.org
* A discussion forum was created for NASC on the new ICPS discussion boards
* Weekly NASC meetings were established to increase communication
* NASC is currently working to safely maintain Sarracenia on a private parcel of land in Brunswick NC; location seed was collected by permission
* NASC is also investigating potentially threatened plants in Mississippi for possible action

Now that the majority of the legal papers are in place, NASC is looking forward to the remainder of 2007 with projects involving propagation, land surveys, rescues (when needed) and education in the conservation field.

Keep your eye out for the quarterly Drummondii newsletter.

Thank you all for your continued support of NASC. Anyone is welcome to attend the weekly meetings, Thursdays of each month at 8 p.m. Central time; all we need is an AIM screen name to invite you into the online meeting room.
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Just a bump so its easy to find.
good work guys! i wasn't aware of the news letter! is there a way to send out new issues or updates via email?

maybe i need to look at that forum more...