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  1. summit

    Summit's Picture Thread

    Overview of the indoor setup, light is a 6 bulb t5ho with two 3500k bulbs and 4 6500k bulbs. Sorry for the focus issues in some photos, still learning with the new DSLR. I would love some tips... D. Aliciae D. Venusta (shipper folded the plant :rant:) D. Spatulata, I don't think I've...
  2. tish

    08 July 2015 : New Nepenthes of mine...

    My current N. Rebecca Soper N. Miranda basal cutting - Nice pitcher My Nepenthes Rafflesiana new pitcher has open it's lid. So I've decided to take photos of the new pitcher when it is still fresh. With my DSLR and a few photo stack. Nepenthes Rafflesiana : old pitcher The new pitcher...
  3. tish

    05 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom

    24 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom update 2 The new Byblis Liniflora which I just bought, the flower did not bloom for me on the first day. Perhaps it was a little stress after a quick repot. But on the second day it did!! It was sunday and I had the opportunity to take good photos...
  4. Cindy

    Just some random Nep pics

    I was using the DSLR on the Byblis so took some pics of the Nep pitchers as well. Disclaimer: The cool-growing plants are quite new so some of the pitchers came with the shipment...not that I can grow intermediate/highland Neps so well here in HOT Singapore. :cool: N. spectabilis x hamata...
  5. chibae

    Sigma 24-70mm aspherical lens in Pentax mount - Crissytal $10

    This is a sweet little lightweight lens. This is a full frame auto focus lens from the grand era of film but with the 1.5x crop factor of a Pentax DSLR this lens is the perfect range for a variety of portraits from full body to just head shots. Bidding to start at $10.00 and I will pay...
  6. Axelrod12

    Axelrod's CP adventures

    Axelrod's CPs Ok new thread, and I'm going to try to confine my questions and stuff to here now that I feel like I might be starting to get the hang of things...a little. Previous threads: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135461-How-am-I-doing-so-far...
  7. chibae

    Another Pentax K DSLR in Afghanistan

  8. Av8tor1

    Canon loyalty program...

    Crissy told me about this a couple years ago and I was telling someone else about it just now in an email.... It's not mentioned anywhere on their webpage, but Canon has a loyalty program. They will accept any junk Canon camera (film or digi) as a trade in and give you 20% off a currently...
  9. mobile

    Tank Ceph 2 Growth Point Picture - Focus Stacked

    I've got a new DSLR and been experimenting with focus stacking. I have a LOT to learn yet but thought I'd show one of my early attempts. Please feel free to comment on whatever you think I have got wrong with the photograph, as I need all the advise I can get.
  10. chibae

    Camera time, Help

    My trust Canon G9 is starting to die one me. It may not go today, tomorrow or even next week. But go soon it will. So I am looking for suggestions for a replacement. Now to make it easier on everyone let me make it clear that I already own a DSLR system, nor am I interested in a tiny sensor...
  11. Brokken

    New camera, new skillz... some interesting shots. (Thanks for looking!)

    I'd love to get some constructive criticism. I took a DSLR photography course and would certainly value some input from people who've been doing photography for some time. Tell me if they see anything where I can improve my photography skills.
  12. lance

    Venusian Eclipse 2012! RARE!

    Hello TF This year, on this day (if you have clear skies) you get to experience something that won't happen till 2117! Every hundred or so years venus goes in front of the sun and can be seen with a big camera lens (about 300 mm) or with a telescope. I highly suggest that you do whatever you...
  13. Peatmoss

    Looking to get a film SLR

    Hi everybody! Recently I have become rather interested in getting a beginner film camera, just as a bit of a fun hobby within a hobby. I was looking around an the only one that my local camera store will order is this one: http://www.henrys.com/1562-NIKON-FM10-W-35-70-CASE-STRAP-MS-76.aspx I...
  14. chibae

    My company has bought a flash for my camera

    Our annual work holiday party is coming up soon and the various department heads started complaining that our building never has any event pictures up on the company website like our sister buildings do. Events like Family Day, Summer picnics, etc. These events, like the holiday party are held...
  15. thez_yo

    Got Nikon D3100, could use pointers

    So, I got a fancy DSLR and I got some fancy extra parts for it including... extension tubes? is that what these are officially called? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/375238-REG/Kenko_AEXTUBEDGN_Auto_Extension_Tube_Set.html Anyway, here's some pics from my first time that weren't too bad...
  16. Halt

    My hand at a DSLR.

    Taken with a Nikon D90 and the two different lenses it came with. My first try on a DSLR! Tell me what you think. :-O Lighted light by billychendra, on Flickr N.ventXepp (whole plant) by billychendra, on Flickr N.VentXepp(pitcher) by billychendra, on Flickr N. Truncata by billychendra...
  17. Kyle

    Hoh Rain Forest, Washington [Picture HEAVY]

    Last summer, my wife and I went on a trip to Washington. One of the things we did was visit the Hoh Rain Forest. There was a trail called the "Hall of Mosses." Had to take that, I have a thing for mosses. But, anyway, I figured I'd share some pictures since I know more than a couple people of...
  18. Av8tor1

    Entry level DSLR kit heads up (cheap)

    If you don't mind factory refurbished this is a great deal IMHO, entry level camera body w/ 2 decent general purpose lenses. http://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10051_10051_272305_-1 Av
  19. Av8tor1

    which entry level dslr macro lens?

    Looking at these two sub 300$ Macro lenses 1. Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Macro 2. Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro Both seem to be good choices in this price range. The Canon is a little cheaper with better glass (maybe?)... but an older motor design and 1:2. Sigma is 1:1 but maybe not as sharp and...
  20. S

    End of June Sarracenia

    Snapped some photos this evening. Still can't figure out how to get higher quality pics, this DSLR camera is too fancy for me. It would probably help if I took photos during the day and not 8 pm, but that's my only free time. This is one of Bob Ziemer's unknown hybrids. Not sure which one...