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Tank Ceph 2 Growth Point Picture - Focus Stacked

I've got a new DSLR and been experimenting with focus stacking. I have a LOT to learn yet but thought I'd show one of my early attempts. Please feel free to comment on whatever you think I have got wrong with the photograph, as I need all the advise I can get.

How many photo's did you use to create that one?
Which art cad program are you using to create the photostack? (i.e Photoshop CS5, CS6, CS7 ???)

At first glance I can see multiple areas that are still out of focus.
When taking photos for a stack I have to have the camera on a tripod. As any movement with the camera will throw off how easy it is to align the photos later when creating the stack.
Once the camera is stationary and locked into place, you can change the area of focus on your camera's view finder. Taking a pic each and every time you move the focal point on the camera's view finder. So eventually, you have like 12 pics of the same shot, with each pic being in focus in a different area of the shot.
Then when you have the pics all uploaded to the computer, you simply stack all 12 to create one completely in-focus shot.

For example, here's one I created using Photoshop CS5 and 12 photo's, each with a different focal point:


This is the tutorial I watched to better learn how to create a photo stack using CS5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiwHsbrMycA
I used 12 images and focus stacked them using CombineZP. Perhaps I didn't get evenly distributed focus steps. I'll keep persevering though.
might try doing it in groups too Carl, seems like doing really tall stacks causes its own probs....

but sometimes it works well, sometimes its meh.... sorta hit and miss