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Canon loyalty program...

Crissy told me about this a couple years ago and I was telling someone else about it just now in an email....

It's not mentioned anywhere on their webpage, but Canon has a loyalty program.
They will accept any junk Canon camera (film or digi) as a trade in and give you 20% off a currently available refurb camera.
(Trade-ins are crushed and not resold)

Call: (866)-443-8002, Pretty sure it is option number 2.

But they do require you send them a junker as part of the deal.... they will want the serial number of the junker while you're on the phone.
If you "forget" to follow through and send your junker in, they will come back and charge your card for the extra 20%

It's a popular program among the Canon crowd.

Here are the current refurb offerings: http://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductListingViewAll_10051_10051_-1_29252

Just a heads up and not anykind of product endorsement....
But if you're looking for a Canon DSLR on the cheap.

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The Canon loyalty program is an excellent program IMO. I used the program earlier this year. I sent in a broken Canon film SLR for a Canon T2i. I was advised to keep the T2i and use it before sending in the film camera. I believe they give 30 days to send in the broken camera. Canon pays for the broken camera to be sent in as well. The program isn't restricted to just DSLRs. They also offer up their PowerShots. The best way to find out what's available and for what price is to call the number Av provided. They will provide you with information about the program, what refurbished cameras are available, and the current pricing. They also give an option to send with or without the kit lens in regards to the DSLRs. I opted out on the kit lens and just went with the camera body. It was a completely painless process.

I wish I had known that when I sold my old film Canon on Craigslist. I'd have much rather had a new camera.