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  1. SDCPs

    A couple things my collection is lacking...

    Hello friends, I'm lacking a couple of things. First, I'd like to grow some s. leucophylla seed. Collected from a leuco field would be ideal! Otherwise, cross-polinated pure seed from nice plants is what I'd be interested in. I really like the species and want to raise a few of my own. Also...
  2. Joseph Clemens

    Where to find Pinguicula answers

    I highly recommend that Pinguicula lover's become familiar with a few websites that have always been invaluable to me: CP Database - Compiled by Jan Schlauer and maintained and operated by Rick Walker. "Pings": Care and Cultivation - By Rick Walker, a page in the CP Database. A World of...
  3. Dexenthes


    Ok so this is one of those plants I had kind of forgotten that I have always secretly loved. (You guys know what I'm talking about*...) *Right? After a wide search of the all the photofinder pictures of this species, and a quick scan of an old thread it appears that this plant either displays...
  4. amphirion

    Terraforum 2011 Calendar Photo Thread (Submit Photos HERE!)

    Hello all, so word on the street is that Terraforums is trying to put together a CP calender. So to clarify, WE ARE! :-O But we need your help! Pictures Pictures Pictures...
  5. J

    Tips for P. 'Tina' cultivation

    Hi everyone. I got a flowered P. 'Tina' a few days ago and was wondering anyone can provide a general care for this species like light, water, dormancy etc... Greatly Appreciate ur help
  6. TheFury

    Help with Dormancy in Brooklyn Apartment!

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forums! Over the months, I've learned most of what I know from snooping on threads on this board. I've been dabbling in CP cultivation since early spring, but recently I got serious about it (read: "got bitten by the bug") and got myself a grow rack and...
  7. thez_yo

    variegated neps pics please!

    Here's my nep alata variegated latest opened pitcher to start the thread off: Yes the pitchers are variegated too! I know there are other variegated plants in cultivation (there's a 3ish year old thread on here about some lovely ramispinas, sibus and rajahs and some others on here) and was...
  8. Dexenthes

    Drosera erythrorhiza squamosa.. A Crippling Case of the Wants

    So last night I discovered this specie online and have become absolutely smitten. It's got to be one of the most beautiful of all dews! It's tuberous, from SW Australia, that much I know. And a quick search online found one ebay listing for seeds of this subspecies. How rare is it in...
  9. JB in Utah

    Drosera arcturi

    So I've been doing some research on this species and I'm very interested in its alpine nature, I was wondering if anyone at TF is successfully growing it, I hear it's fairly difficult. I've already found cultivation threads, I'm just looking for any other useful information. Thanks.
  10. D

    New Stewart McPherson Books

    I just picked up my copies of 'Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Vol. 1 & Vol. 2' a couple of days ago. Once again I am very impressed with the 1442 pages of carnivorous plant genera spread out over the two tomes in this latest offering. Of interest to me was the 34 pages each of text...
  11. SDCPs

    Tribute to Drosera indica "Pale Pink FLower"

    I just wanted to share some pictures of this awesome sundew that is little-known and little-grown in the US. The reason I like it is because of it's large size and superior trapping ability--it can catch houseflies with ease :0o: This sundew catches more than a VFT! A forest of them is...
  12. R

    Grettings from Portugal

    Hello community, My name is Ricardo Miranda and I'm passionate about the cultivation of carnivorous plants. In order to share this admiration, I gathered several Portuguese growers and founded the CPPC - Comunidade Portugesa Plantas Carnívoras (Portuguese Community Carnivorous Plants). I'm a...
  13. N

    some of the nepenthes

    N. singalana <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/52845028@N02/4876168326/" title="DSC_1081 by N A I C H, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4120/4876168326_fe1fcbb035.jpg" width="500" height="334" alt="DSC_1081" /></a> N. truncata <a...
  14. C

    Drosera "curviscapa" in South Africa

    Hi, we only found Drosera curviscapa in the Fernkloo Nature Reserve near Hermanus. In cultivation this plant is also known as Drosera sp. "Hermanus" oder Drosera aliciae "Hermanus". Christian
  15. C

    Drosera aliciae in South Africa

    Hi, before switching to the (at least in cultivation) rarer southafrican species (regia, alba, hilaris, ericgreenii, cistiflora and some more) i will show you pictures of Drosera aliciae in habitat. The pictures have all been taken at the Constantia Nek. I will add pictures of other locations...
  16. C

    Drosera capensis in South Africa

    Hi, i will continue my series of pictures from Southafrica with D. capensis. We found them at three locations: Gifberg, Bains Kloof and Theewaterskloof Dam. In many cases, the plants are growing verticaly on rocks. All locations have in common, that they are very wet! Although, D. capensis can...