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Where to find Pinguicula answers

Joseph Clemens

Staff member
I highly recommend that Pinguicula lover's become familiar with a few websites that have always been invaluable to me:

CP Database - Compiled by Jan Schlauer and maintained and operated by Rick Walker.

"Pings": Care and Cultivation - By Rick Walker, a page in the CP Database.

A World of Pinguicula - By Eric Partrat and Dr. Laurent Lagendre, but contributed to by many others.

CP Photofinder - Pinguicula section - By Bob Zeimer.

There are also several online discussion forums: Terraforums/CPUK Forum/ICPS Forum and probably others.
here also

http://fern72.free.fr or on this specific forum : http://pinguicula.free.fr

we speak also on some others genus : heliamphora ( protocarnivorous) - dorstenia- ant plant .

in french but with "google translate" no problem :banana2:

your can write in english ,no problem for us, to understand and to answered

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