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Agent of Chaos
Indoors (pot under growlight)
* Cephalotus Follicularis
* Drosera Aliciae
* Drosera Spatulata "typical"
* Pinguicula Caerulea


Outdoors (MiniBog)
* Sarracenia Minor
* Dionaea Muscipula


* Sarracenia (flava 'Rugelli', alata, purpurea venosa, minor, leucophylla)
* Darlingtonia californica
* Utricularia (longifolia, cornuta, livida, gibba)
* Cephalotus (Hummer's Giant)
* Nepenthes (hamata, veitchi, rafflesiana, truncata, ventricosa, campanulata)
* Heliamphora (heterdoxa-minor, heterdoxa-nutans, nutans, pulchella)
* Drosera (regia, schizandra, prolifera, adelae, cuneifolia, burmanni, binata, xMartson Dragon, "Pretty Rosette", "Charles Darwin", Venusta)
* Pinguicula (lusitanica, gypsicola, esseriana, 'pirouette', 'sethos', gigantea, moranensis, agnata )
* Drosophyllum lusitanicum
* Aldrovanda vesiculosa
* Brocchinia reducta
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Updated. Pictures will follow in the next month or so.
Finally updated with pictures
Updated for the first time in years.