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I acquired several Drosera last summer but when transfering to new containers several weeks later I forgot what was what. I believe the one in this picture is a spatulata but would like to double check that. It's preparing to flower so it must be happy. I have been told on several occasions that it's bright light that produces the goo orbs, not high humidity. High humidity can sure effect the size of the orbs however as evidenced on my D. pygmaea omissa in the last picture. I moved both of these to the Nep rack for the brighter light and the omissa is next to the fog stream from the ultrasonic humidifier. It's odd also because the pygmy drosera aren't supposed to be in a very humid environment or so I have read but it is sure loving it:




hard to tell until you see the flower scape. Update with a picture when it blooms!
That is definitely not spathulata, BTW.
Drosera roundandstickya.
looks like Drosera aliciae to me.
When I bought them from a reputable seller these are what I received:
.......and I will update with a picture once the flower has opened.
i will also vouch for aliciae for the first photo.

@api: why couldnt that one be spathulata? looks like it to me... :scratch:
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One and two are the same and three and four is the omissa. I like the pygmy's but don't much like that they die so soon and I have to mess with the gemmae.
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The first picture looks like aliciae.
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One and two are the same and three and four is the omissa. I like the pygmy's but don't much like that they die so soon and I have to mess with the gemmae.

Most of the pygmies I have played with manage for many years with little intervention. A few need more frequent resets. For me that has been pulchella and scorpeoides....
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@spooky: a pygmy was going to be my second guess. i was confused--thought you needed id's on both, never mind then.
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Definitely alicae, from the list of what you got. It looks near identical to mine, just with more color on yours.
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OK, aliciae it is then. Now I have to rename 36 pictures and correct the page string on my intranet website.

Sorry amphirion, I was focusing on the aliciae and added the omissa to show the large goo heads.

I thought the omissa looked awful good for a plant that was supposed to be dead. I will just keep it going and see how long it lasts. Is there a list of pygmy's that don't require a restart?
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1st plant is aliciae, 2nd is the pink flowered form of omissa.
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The first one looks like aliciae. Looks nearly identical to mine. Definitely not hamiltonii. 2nd one im not sure. Pygmy sundews all look the same to me.