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Wanted to reestablish myself on this forum

Hello all,:banana2:

I have not been active on this forum since 2008. Has it really been that long already? Oh my gosh! Since I hit 40 some years back, time just races by me like I’m a blob of cement or something. I've been a real slug the last few of years as far as the pursuit of cps go. Haven’t even been taking real good care of my own plants! :nono:
However they’ve responded by attempting to kill me with kindness. They’ve grown anyway – uncontrollably.

Anyway I wanted to get involved again at least a little. You see, I will need some of you fine folks to take some plants off my hands very soon. I have way TOO many. For example I have 10 large pots of just Sarracenia flava alone! It’s gotten ridiculous. Maybe I should develop a show called CP Hoarder. Lol I can carry on like a loon about giving up one little chunk of viable rhizome or pot of bladderworts. He he

So next week I want to start offering some stuff and I just wanted to say hi to all of you fellow cp – a – philes. You know.

Hope all is well with all of you and yours in this new year of 2013.

Mark (Palm bay, FL)
welcome back to the forum,would be nice to see some pics of your uncontrollable collection:-D
and a very generous offer ,shame i live in england:-(
Welcome back! Can we see pics of the collection?
Welcome back! looking forward to seeing pics of your collection.:)
Welcome back! Consider joining the Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society! It is the up and coming CP society for the Southeast. We have a facebook group and an email list (carolinacpsociety@gmail.com) I look forward to seeing your massive collection!
Hello and welcome. "cp – a – philes" is right! Always good to see a new face. :-O
havent met you as i joined this forum back in 2009 but welcome back , sure youll fit right back in
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Welcome back! Stick around for a while ...

They’ve grown anyway – uncontrollably.
The 2013 NASC charity auction is just around the corner. You might want to consider helping to raise a few bucks for a good cause with some of your spares. ???
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Hello! And welcome! I'm not sure how this forum operated in '08 but I joined a little while ago and everyone here has been so generous. It seems that you share those genes with many other members of this forum! Nice to have you (back)!
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Welcome back !
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Thank you for all the 'welcome backs'. I am almost done cleaning everything up. I didn't take any before pictures -- I guess I should have -- as I was too embarrassed. I will start posting giva aways this week -- I hope. It's nothing spectacular. I some how have ended up with a lot of certain things but other things have dwindled. Neglect is a terrible thing. What's worse, I think I have lost my grow list. I can't even find it in my back up files. So....I will have to wing it i guess.
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wasn't around when you were active but good to see some things do not die out. welcome back